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This is the place. This is where your experience meets your future, where decisions are driven in your direction, and where barriers to employment are broken with every word. It's the place where high impact meets authenticity; it's where you come when it's all about you. Building an expert resume, cover letter, biography or LinkedIn profile is more than listing your achievements. It’s about unleashing an unbeatable business case that promotes you as a 'must have' company asset. It's about being the ultimate professional—projecting confidence, understanding and owning your successes.

Who We Are and Why You Need Us

Multi-award-winning Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist and published author Gayle Howard, is the force behind Top Margin; a firm that consistently surpasses client expectations and has become the resume service of choice for some of Australia's most prominent executives and managers. We are not slapdash, we are not a resume factory, and we don't churn out CVs and resumes on a conveyor belt that sound and look the same. Gayle's writing is meticulous, branded and strategic and it takes time and a lot of work to represent some of the 'best and brightest' business minds across the world.


Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, Personal Branding StrategistGo

We Help You Stand Out in a Crowd

We write executive-focused, PowerPitch (TM) resumes, executive biographies, LinkedIn profiles, power e-notes, cover letters, micro-leadership case studies, and personal marketing briefs. We also provide personal branding coaching, interview coaching, social media advisories, career transition services, 360 Reach assessments, DISC behavioural profiles and so much more.

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