Your LinkedIn Photo—You Must Get it Right

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Are you getting your Linkedin photo right? LinkedIn is the window to your next job; to the career-changing next relationship, to new opportunities and friends. Your LinkedIn photo says to the world, "This is my public face; if you hire me this is what you will see every day, and this is will be the impact I have on your team and the people around me". Frankly, a lot of Read More

Over 50s JobSeekers: personal branded Twitter bio ideas

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Twitter bio ideas Today's jobseekers can leverage a confusing array of services and technologies—from LinkedIn and Twitter, to job boards, automatic resume distribution services and more. When used strategically as part of a larger framework, social media can help build your network, help you stand out and get the attention of recruiters looking for someone just like Read More

Your skills and abilities for the job are not everything!

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If I told you that your skills and abilities for the job are the third most important thing in securing a job, you'd probably not believe me, right? But think about this. How many times have you applied for a job where your skills and talents were a hundred per cent match and you've missed out on the job in the final stages? I would guess that you're nodding your Read More

Bad Choices Can Kill Your Career

What do Mel Gibson, Amy Winehouse, Robert Irvine, Brendan Fevola, and David Edmondson have in common? They all made bad choices that undermined or destroyed their careers, reputations and earning capacity. So why am I talking about celebrities and high-flyers and what does it have to do with you? It's simple. If these people, leaders in their field and savvy to the ways Read More

It’s not your age, it’s old thinking

"It's my age, that's what it is", Joan lamented. "I need to come to terms with the fact that I'm just of 'that age'. No-one wants a person of my age in the workplace!" Joan is wrong. Sure, if she wants to be an actress in a teen comedy, yes that's probably true. If she wants to be a top-level fashion model, it's probably true too. But a retail manager of a fashion Read More

Reputation Killers: A Personal PR Disaster

Your reputation is one thing you can't buy, beg, borrow or steal. Your reputation is yours alone, built by your actions--how well you perform, how you treat those around you up-and-down the ladder, your intelligence and your ethics. Today, more than at any other time, your actions and deeds can be widely communicated through co-worker complaints on Facebook, Twitter or Read More

Don’t leave them wilting in your wake

You're big boys and girls. I really, really shouldn't have to tell you this but before you go to put on that aftershave or perfume prior to your job interview, please don't! Or at the very least if you're going to give yourself a bath in the stuff, wash it off your hands. Seriously there's only one thing worse than wasting a search consultant or HR person's time with Read More

Linkedin Tip

Ever tried to create a custom name for your Linkedin profile and found it was taken? Here's an idea, use your position title with your name. It helps differentiate you and stamps your brand at the same time. Instead of say, Linkedin/John Smith, try JohnSmith-CEO, or JohnSmith, Operations Manager, or JohnSmith, General Manager (Telco Multinationals). Read More

New service Announcement: OnBrand-ID


The Reach Online Brand Calculator has assessed me (Gayle Howard), as being on the top of the “Digitally Distinct” tree. This is the nirvana of online identity meaning the first three pages of Google provide 80% on-brand, positive information. So what about you? Before you are interviewed you can assume that recruiters and/or employers will Google your name. What will Read More

The 5W1H Formula

Have you ever heard of the 5W1H Formula? It's especially helpful in planning your resume and job search. Rudyard Kipling, the great poet once wrote: I keep six faithful serving men Who teach me well and true Their names are What and Where and When And How and Why and Who. Journalists call this the "5W1H" formula and while it's great for investigating information for a Read More

Reach 360 Version 4: Re-certification

Gayle Howard successfully completed re-certification requirements for administering 360 Reach Version 4--the next generation 360Reach tool, helping clients to incorporate strengths, competencies, and brand personas into their professional careers and to measure professional reputation. Gayle is one of only four professionals in Australia qualified to coach clients with Read More

Social Media Presentation

Just found this great presentation on personal branding your career that reinforces what I've been talking about -- be careful what you place on social networks. Thanks to this Scott Monty's blog Social Media, Personal Branding and Your Career View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: bcu08 brandcamp) Read More

One in five employers view social networks 22% of employers look for "digital dirt" on prospective and existing employees across social networks as I've reported before on this blog as opposed to just 11% in 2006, so the trend is growing. Employers cite reasons for screening someone from consideration as references to alcohol abuse, inappropriate information, poor communication skills, Read More

Certified IT Resume Specialist (CRS+IT)


I know it is yet another credential and people are probably weary of adding them up and enduring them in my signature line! However, being awarded the Certified IT Resume Specialist credential from Career Directors International is something I'm really proud of! As a self-confessed technology "nut" and yes, Mac Extremist, I have gained a bit of reputation for my Read More

Certified Reach Personal Branding Strategist


After an intense and extremely productive and exhilarating course of study, today I received recognition that I have now been awarded certification was a "Certified Reach Personal Branding Strategist" I'm absolutely thrilled to be now be officially recognised for a topic that I have long regarded as one of the most important emerging trends in job seeking for more than a Read More

Using social media: It’s not just about numbers!

Networking, and specifically online networking through social media is something so many get wrong. I cannot tell you the numerous invitations I have received to join a complete stranger's network on Linkedin or eCademy, and for what? To boost numbers of friends and associates to show how many people he or she knows? In most cases the person after adding me has never Read More

Poppy King’s strong personal brand

Fascinating story about lipstick queen Poppy King here from both a business and personal branding perspective. Poppy King was all about personal branding before it ever became a trend! Here's an excerpt from the Age Newspaper 27th July 2008. "Then there's Poppy herself, a head-turner even in New York where everybody looks as if they've been Read More

Googling job candidates

Was just passed this link by a colleague of mine. Googling job candidates just got easier for employers who can now gain access to 40 major networks such as MySpace and Linked in. If you ever said anything about your boss, your employment or your company that you wouldn't like to be seen, it may well be a very good idea to delete it now. Read More

Branding: You Write it, You Own it Just read a fascinating article about a drink driving case where social media helped convict a young man who was seen as less than remorseful for his drink driving offence following pictures considered as "mocking" his situation were uploaded on Facebook. A timely reminder: employers routinely view MySpace and Facebook and other social media to Read More