LinkedIn Advice for Job Seekers

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Will you follow this LinkedIn Advice for job seekers? LinkedIn isn't just a service for job seekers. Get started on LinkedIn before you need to use it. A sudden and unexpected redundancy or sacking means you are constantly playing catch up. Take time to “dig your well before you’re thirsty,” as author Harvey Mackay says. Keep up the maintenance. Your LinkedIn profile Read More

Your LinkedIn Photo—You Must Get it Right

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Are you getting your Linkedin photo right? LinkedIn is the window to your next job; to the career-changing next relationship, to new opportunities and friends. Your LinkedIn photo says to the world, "This is my public face; if you hire me this is what you will see every day, and this is will be the impact I have on your team and the people around me". Frankly, a lot of Read More

LinkedIn Headline Tips for Jobseekers

Linkedin profile page example

LinkedIn Headline Tips for Greater Impact Most jobseekers now know that LinkedIn is a crucial tool for the job search. The good news about LinkedIn (as opposed to a resume), is that you can keep changing the content to optimise your impact, and get feedback quickly as to how your changes are working for you. The LinkedIn headline section is a good place to start with your Read More

Review: Job Searching with Social Media (For Dummies)

It seems an avalanche of titles has hit the market recently praising the virtues of social media, and in particular, the positive impact it can have for jobseekers. Another such book has hit the shelves today called "Job Searching with Social Media (For Dummies)" by Joshua Waldman. The author has been kind enough to send me a forward chapter of the book and from what I've Read More

Of Social Media, Scruples and Interviews

Remember Scruples? In case you don't recall, it was a board game that posed morally challenging questions such as "Would you return money you saw fall from an elderly person's wallet if you were struggling to feed your family tonight?" So, let me ask you this: Imagine being in an interview; all is going well until the interviewer asks, "Do you use social media"? Do Read More

Social Media Privacy: Overrated or Mandatory?

"I don't want to see their resumes before I see their Facebook. AND don't give me that privacy stuff; get over yourself, nobody is stalking you! These are the words of a small business owner I was chatting with recently and the catalyst that prompted this article. This young, dynamic entrepreneur is no doubt tapping into a workforce of young professionals who will Read More

Online Resume Services: Think Before Uploading


I love technology. Love everything about it and a good deal of the time as soon as I find out about some new service or software I'm playing with it minutes later. Sometimes though you need to think before you launch yourself online; especially when it comes to publicly available information about you. Today I learned about Twitres. It looks like a really cool service. Read More

Social Media Networking & Your Career: It’s Not Just a Fad


“The Internet?  We are not interested in it.” – Bill Gates, 1993 In 1989, we purchased our first home computer. It was around $1800 and even more if we added an item the salesman assured us we couldn't live without... a 10 megabyte hard disk! (Yes I said 10 meg). Hubby was all for it. "It will be so much easier" he said. "You can save your documents on the hard drive." I Read More