• Ultimate Influence


    This must-have executive solution prepares you for your next big gig. Showcasing your lifetime of career accomplishments and experience, this package is tailored for the best in the business, by the best in the business.

    Two Payments Available: Choose to pay full price up front or 50% deposit and 50% prior to writing.

  • Rapid Ascent


    If you’re serious about your job search, this is the package you need. Want to submit a resume online? We’ve got you covered. Want a beautiful resume with gorgeous graphics and presentation? That’s here too. Want to be seen by recruiters everywhere? The LinkedIn profile has you covered. (And coaching will ensure you ace that interview when the time is right).

    Two Payments Available: Choose to pay full price up front or 50% deposit and 50% prior to writing.

  • Beyond Excellence


    A set of must-have job search tools if you want to be found, be seen, and be approached. Today it’s not just you reaching out to others, it’s about them reaching out to you—and that’s where a strong LinkedIn profile shines!

    Two Payments Available: Choose to pay full price up front now, or 50% deposit and 50% prior to writing.

  • Clear Impact


    You are a professional—and it is time to show it. The “communicator” package that every job seeker needs to communicate his or her value with a dynamic resume and an email cover letter that communicates with punch!

    Two Payments Available: Choose to pay full price up front or 50% deposit and 50% prior to writing.

  • Priority One


    You respect the power of professionalism as you strive towards career success. You may not be in the six-figure salary category yet, but you sure plan to be! Gain access the knowledge and experience we use to prepare you to compete in the market—at an entry-level price. Rolls Royce resume only package for professionals who aspire to excellence. We develop the resume from a blank page to a powerhouse presentation.

    Choose to pay full price up front or 50% deposit and 50% prior to writing.

  • UltraLinkID (LinkedIn Profile)


    LinkedIn profile development (Résumé has not been created by Top Margin)

  • Telephone Questioning


    Throw out the worksheets and devote 90 minutes on the phone to complete forensic questioning with Gayle. Fee includes time spent on the telephone questioning from the proprietary interview gatherer worksheets, transcription service to transcribe conversation, transfer of documents to the client to review content and add or edit information. Please note that this service will add a few days to the resume development process to allow for the turnaround time from the transcription service.

  • Re-Invent-it!



    • Resume will have been written by Top Margin any time within the last three years.

  • Web Resume


    Online CV. Your domain name eg Includes website hosting for one year, one year domain name, design and development of the website. (Using your content whether you write or we have written your resume.)

  • People Will Talk!


    Two-page selection criteria

  • Transform-it!



    • Return within 3 years of us last writing/updating your resume
    • Three roles to add, or 2 roles and 2 projects, or one role and three projects
    • Job Target to be the same

  • Executive Biography


    An executive biography is a one-page networking tool that presents the human behind the job title, skills and experience. Whereas the resume is written specifically to match an employer’s needs, the biography is all about you. Depending on the situation and where you intend to use it, the bio can include amusing anecdotes, your photo, testimonial extracts and career stories that sell your background, metrics and measurable achievements. Bios can be used for company websites, company brochures, annual and Board reports, and even for speaking engagement advertising.

  • Job Search Strategy Coaching


    Job Search Strategy & Coaching Program delivered by a Certified Professional in Online Job Search and Reputation Management. Service includes 2 x sessions with a complete 12-Step Action Plan. With access to the latest tools and research, this program can establish an online identity and support you to uncover the hidden job market. 

  • Revive-It!



    • Return within 3 years of your resume being written by Top Margin
    • Two roles to be added or one role with 2-3 special projects.
    • Job Target to be the same/similar

  • Refresh-it!


    Special update package exclusively for existing clients of Top Margin.


    • Return to Top Margin within 3 years of the original being written
    • One new job to include including 1-2 special projects if needed.
    • Job target is to be the same

  • Interview Telecoaching


    Lack of preparation is the most common mistake made by job seekers when attending job interviews. Add lack of preparation to general nervousness and the results can be, well, just a little disastrous! Interviewing, and presenting yourself well in an interview is a skill; and that’s good, because it means you can learn it and improve it. During the session, you will:

    Discover how to prepare for interviews and make a great first impression;

    • Learn strategies to overcome nerves and build your confidence;
    • Find out how to build rapport with the interviewer and sell yourself effectively;
    • Learn how to answer common interview questions and what hiring managers are looking for in your responses;
    • Get help preparing responses to behavioural-based questions;
    • Discover how to negotiate and secure a competitive salary package;
    • Learn about interview follow-up and
    • Get tips and techniques to help you stand out from other applicants.

  • ClearView


    One-page selection criteria

  • ID-LINK (LinkedIn)


    LinkedIn profile development (After résumé has been created by Top Margin). We’ll revamp/edit your existing resume text, make it less formal for social media purposes and take out confidential or corporate sensitive information. No new writing will be performed for new jobs (what is in your resume will become the LinkedIn profile). If you need new information added, then you’ll need to purchase a resume update and the product, LinkUP.

  • Cover Letter Triple Pack


    Triple pack of letters. One e-note, one broadcast to recruiters, one networking letter.

  • Think-Ahead Update


    Future-proof your career investment by arranging for an update in 12 months at a substantial (50%+) discount off the normal fee when taken at the same time as a new package purchase. This is a one-time offer at time of purchase. It’s now or never!

  • Power View Resume


    One powerful page of essential branding, work history, impact and accomplishments. Meets the “just bottom-line it for me!” needs of busy executives, recruiters and networking contacts. The PowerView Resume is included in the Rapid Ascent and the Ultimate Influence programs, OR the service can be purchased as an add-on to Clear Impact or the Priority One. This service is not available as a stand-alone purchase.

  • Résumé Review Service


    Includes PS…You Need a Resume ebook

    One-time resume review service. Redline edits to your existing document using “track changes” and “comments” in MS Word. Includes one-page summary to review recommendations.

  • Cover Letter


    The old-fashioned cover letter has had it—OR has it? Not when you have a special circumstance that can’t be understood from the resume. Migrating? Job gaps? Busy job history? Here’s the opportunity to set the record straight. 50% payment plan is only available for combined purchases of $599+

  • Buzzworthy


    Half-page selection criteria

  • Enote


    The enote, is an electronic letter—sent in the body of an email or uploaded to a job board. Short, sharp and WOW. Edited and pared constantly to ensure every word’s a winner.

    “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”—Blaise Pascal, French Mathematician and Philosopher, 1647