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Our resumes and LinkedIn profiles resonate in today’s fast-paced business landscape, and they’ve garnered rave reviews. But we think our clients say it best. See firsthand how we’ve made a meaningful difference in their career trajectories.

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I have to say that your resume still gets doors opened for me and aids in the discussion with various companies that I hadn’t even thought about earlier. I was able to move roles and get into a dream job!


Thank you for the work. IT IS IMPRESSIVE. I think you have done full justice to the content I have provided, and am certain this will go a long way in helping me develop my career much further!


Words cannot surmise at just how blown away I was reading the resume. Bold, professional & striking. Nailed it. I read it and sit back with pride in what I’ve achieved and admire at just how well you’ve communicated it.

Thank you


General Manager, Transport & Logistics

f you’re after a good news story, this is it. After 8 months of applying for positions and having just one interview, I was getting pretty discouraged. The cover letter and resume you’ve done landed an interview on the very first submission. Nice!!


Yesterday I signed an offer for Technical Design Director! Exactly what I wanted! The whole recruitment process took over 3 months during which I had 9 rounds of interviews. In every single meeting, it was pointed out how professional and well done my resume was, and how complete and impressive. I am positive that my candidacy benefited from it. I wanted to thank you again for helping me. Best investment in my career!


I have been trying to achieve my dream job for a while. I have tried on my own plus other services to help me achieve my goals. I can honestly say you are above and beyond any service I have ever come across. Your efficiency, follow-up and communication sets you apart as an industry leader. For that, I thank you.


I wanted to share with you what happened to me in the last few months. My last day in this role will be 23 June as I’m moving to Hangzhou, China to join [multinational company]! I was selected from over 6000 applicants to join a management trainee/leadership development program. I’ll be joining 19 other individuals in China in early July and am really excited! I was flown to Hangzhou in early March for a 5-day interview. I introduced myself to one of the company founders and he replied “Ryan… I remember you! Your resume was really creative and different”.


Hi Gayle, These are such well-written documents! The context and complex technical information is captured so perfectly with words that are simple and powerful. Really love your work.


Thanks so much Gayle. I am really blown away with it all. You really captured the heart of my job and the areas I’m really passionate about!


Thank you Gayle. I love it. Don’t have anything to add. I’m reading it over and over again, as your words make me smile. Cheers, Christian


Hi Gayle, I just wanted to say thank you for the work you completed for me. I really appreciate the effort as the output has boosted my confidence in my ability enormously. I applied for an exciting role and within 24 hours had a callback and was one of six shortlisted candidates out of 200! I wanted to share the excitement with you as it is your work that delivered that result for me – so thank you! Alex


I really appreciate the extra efforts you have put into this for me and I’m very happy with the final result. I had checked out the online resume companies prior and looking at the reviews by some duped folks who had used these dubious companies was a key reason why I decided to use a professional like yourself. You had a great reputation and qualifications and no regrets at all in that decision.


Gayle, It looks amazing. The “look and feel” is wonderful even before I read my resume. When I looked at my resume I got the same feeling when I look at an Apple product. You are so great at this. Please continue doing this as you are helping others to grow which not something many people do.


I have been fortunate to secure a job with a consultancy I have been wanting to work with and start in a couple of weeks. It is a contract role at this stage but still a fabulous step in the right direction. And they absolutely loved my new resume – thank you!! It has really paid off taking the time to ‘re-invent’ myself!


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and effort that went into redefining my resume. I’ve just secured an interview with a company for my dream job and the first thing they commented on in the phone interview was how professional my resume was. I just need to go and nail the interview on Friday now, but I can’t thank you enough. Being able to be considered for the senior roles that I know I’m capable of is just fantastic.


I wasn’t sure what to expect in trying to do this over the internet and with such a huge difference in time zones, but I give you credit for managing to still make it a very personalized experience and professional job


You have managed to transform my resume from something dull, to something bold and contemporary that presents me in an individual way… thank you thank you thank you!


Wow. It reads like its me, but a better me. Very impressive.


I wanted to let you know that I have recently landed a great new job – at [Company name deleted] as their Portfolio Delivery Manager. My CV did the trick by being selected from 100 down to 4 for an interview. I start next week.


I have recently been offered an outstanding, Director-level position in the Property Development Industry here in the Middle East and there is no doubt in my mind that this would not have occurred if not for the hard work and effort you put into both my resume and LinkedIn profile.


Thanks Gayle, your resume got me another nice role 🙂

I am honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to work together with you on this. You’re a true professional and master of your craft.


I secured a new role as a GM in an environment engineering firm in Sydney and start up in a weeks time. All went well with the CV and the feedback on content has been positive, thanks. Also I just received a “linked-in” report that my profile is on the top 5% of profiles!


Since updating my LinkedIn profile I have been approached by several companies regarding opportunities that are very relevent for me. It is amazing the difference the updates have made given that I have been on LinkedIn for a while!
Great work!


I landed myself a contract! I also wanted to thank you again for the great work you did on my resume. As soon as I started to send it out, I had people calling every day. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family!


Hi Gayle. Thank you so much for all those documents. They look so professional and the wording is all perfect. This journey has really helped me put my career and way forward into perspective and I am really looking forward to hitting the market with a new found confidence and fabulous documentation to back all that up. Thanks again for all your help.


You are just so good, words fail me.


Thanks a lot for your feedback and guidance. I feel that you have a genuine interest in assisting me to get to Melbourne to start a new life, and I will never forget your help. Now, with these powerful documents, I am able and ready for the next step.


I thought you may be interested to know that I have accepted a job as CIO of an international company based in Brisbane Australia (started last week in fact) and that I have had comments that my resume was ‘very professional and a standout as compared to other candidates’. I have you to thank for that as once I was in the interview I knew I could show them my worth and it paid off in the end.


Throughout the process I have been extremely impressed by your professionalism, positive attitude and unique methodologies. I will highly recommend your services to anyone intent on engaging an expert career consultant.


So happy with it. Great service, great journey, easy process, hard work and most of all, learnt a lot about myself along the way.


It worked! This has fulfilled my life-long ambition. The package I purchased has paid for itself after I do 2 hours work. That’s a good return on investment and money well spent). Thanks so much, Gayle, you are a real gem.


Gayle Howard is a creative dynamo. When I’m asked, ‘Who’s the best resume writer’ I always think of and recommend Gayle—Laura DeCarlo, President Career Directors International

Laura DeCarlo

Again, thank you very much for your help, it was an incredible process and I have seen a whole new side of myself, which I would never have seen without you! Frank.


You keep delivering the goods!  What a rocking cover letter. Thank you again. CR


I’m loving the resume, btw! Value proposition is phenomenal! (True statements in beautiful packaging) smile.


Senior Director, Apparel

Of particular interest was the impact my linked-in profile update had. I had approx. 5 agencies contact me throughout the year for some quite high profile roles based on my profile. I was fascinated by the types (and seniority) of roles that we offered to me.


I have to say the experience working with you was brilliant. I’m definitely going to promote your services. Everyone should have a Gayle in their professional world.  Thanks again for everything.