Other Job Search Documents

  • Executive Biography


    An executive biography is a one-page networking tool that presents the human behind the job title, skills and experience. Whereas the resume is written specifically to match an employer’s needs, the biography is all about you. Depending on the situation and where you intend to use it, the bio can include amusing anecdotes, your photo, testimonial extracts and career stories that sell your background, metrics and measurable achievements. Bios can be used for company websites, company brochures, annual and Board reports, and even for speaking engagement advertising.

  • Cover Letter Triple Pack


    Triple pack of letters. One e-note, one broadcast to recruiters, one networking letter.

  • Power View Resume


    One powerful page of essential branding, work history, impact and accomplishments. Meets the “just bottom-line it for me!” needs of busy executives, recruiters and networking contacts. The PowerView Resume is included in the Rapid Ascent and the Ultimate Influence programs, OR the service can be purchased as an add-on to Clear Impact or the Priority One. This service is not available as a stand-alone purchase.

  • Cover Letter


    The old-fashioned cover letter has had it—OR has it? Not when you have a special circumstance that can’t be understood from the resume. Migrating? Job gaps? Busy job history? Here’s the opportunity to set the record straight. 50% payment plan is only available for combined purchases of $599+

  • Enote


    The enote, is an electronic letter—sent in the body of an email or uploaded to a job board. Short, sharp and WOW. Edited and pared constantly to ensure every word’s a winner.

    “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”—Blaise Pascal, French Mathematician and Philosopher, 1647


  • Smart Device/ATS Resume


    Convert your Top Margin original resume to be easily viewed on smart-devices, and get more ‘hits’ on ATS and webform applications.