Beyond Excellence

$1,299.00 Includes GST

This package builds on the resume by providing two much-requested items. A LinkedIn template that converts your new resume into public-ready content with a new “About” section and lots of advice on reshaping existing content. And, an enote so you can impress readers before they even open your resume!

  • LinkedIn Profile Creation or Revamp: This is the way to be found and to search for employment. Bold, brief, branded LinkedIn profile to build chemistry and desire. Includes development of branded value proposition, engaging entry, metaphor or analogy, birds-eye view of background, the “how behind the ‘what’, deliverables, the story of your journey, brand attributes, and LinkedIn tagline. This is today’s #1 job seeker’s tool to connect with others, tap into the hidden job market (where 85% of jobs are found) and be headhunted by recruiters and job search consultants. Using up-to-the-minute contemporary knowledge of how recruiters use LinkedIn, we also ensure optimum ‘stickiness’—compelling your readers to stay and learn more. As a special bonus, we’ll even assess your existing photo for branding and personal connection. All information will provided in a Word template for you to cut and paste content directly into your LinkedIn online profile.
  • E-Note: Next-generation cover letter pared down to the absolute essentials. Pure value. Can be read in fewer than 60 seconds and does not extend beyond the first screen. Employer-centred, bold and brief.
  • Document formats: Word (email), PDF (printing)
  • Lifetime electronic storage. Free access to resume files; sent via email without charge upon receipt of request.
  • Three-year access to special update pricing. Return to Top Margin anytime in the next three years and you will enjoy update pricing at a fraction of the original fee.