Edit-it! (For people in a hurry!)

$249.00 Includes GST

Return to us within 3 years. We will edit one job that you’ve written in the resume document yourself. No notes, no extra info, no questions, no second drafts. Just a straight edit. (As a bonus, we’ll fix up the format if you’ve messed it up). Delivered in PDF and the latest version of Word.

Exclusive to existing Top Margin clients. This is when you’ve absolutely left it too late to apply for a job. You’ve procrastinated, you were going to get around to updating, you never thought a job would pop out of nowhere, and well… you’ve neglected that vital document that sees you sail into an interview. You’ve already added your current role to the resume we wrote for you, but well, you’re no wordsmith—right? And you may have just messed up the format we created—just a tad, and well, you’re not quite sure about the spelling or grammar either. Ok, enough—we’re here to help. We will take what you’ve written, make sense out of it, throw in those fancy words you love, front-load the bullet points, and you’ll be on your way. No second drafts… you’re in a hurry, remember? We fix it, you submit it. (Next time, give us the time we need and we’ll write up a storm with your carefully thought-out answers to our forensic questions).