$259.00 Includes GST

Elevate your professional presence with IDLink—our LinkedIn profile refinement service, exclusively for Top Margin resume clients. We make your resume LinkedIn-ready, minus the sensitive info.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as your digital business card—accessible, visible, and reflective of your professional journey. Our IDLink service seamlessly adapts your existing Top Margin resume for LinkedIn’s unique social media environment, ensuring you shine online and on paper.

What’s Included:

  • Social Media Adaptation: Your resume, penned by us, will be meticulously edited to suit LinkedIn’s social media platform, ensuring you maintain a cohesive brand across all your professional documents.
  • Confidentiality Safeguarded: Sensitive and proprietary information will be prudently removed to make your LinkedIn profile publicly appropriate, without compromising its impact.
  • Step-by-Step Template: All revised information is delivered in a Microsoft Word template, complete with clear instructions for a hassle-free update on LinkedIn. Just cut and paste!

Note: This package focuses exclusively on adapting your existing Top Margin resume for LinkedIn. For any additional updates or new content, consider coupling this with a resume update and our LinkUP service.

With IDLink, you can effortlessly transition your robust resume into a LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed. It’s your one-stop solution to harmonising your professional brand in both the digital and paper realms. Don’t miss out on this targeted, invaluable upgrade!