Rapid Ascent

$1,649.00 Includes GST

Discover our best-selling ‘Rapid Ascent’ package, the most popular bundle for serious job seekers. Offering unparalleled value, this all-inclusive package equips you with every tool you need to dominate the job market.

Take your career to new heights with the ‘Rapid Ascent’ package, your comprehensive toolkit for job search success. Designed by Gayle Howard, this package leaves no stone unturned, ensuring you stand out from the crowd and capture decision-makers’ attention at every turn.

What’s Included:

  • Resume Strategy, Design, and Development: Employing forensic questioning and meticulous editing, we distil your skills and experience into a compelling “essential message” strategically designed to win interviews.
  • LinkedIn Profile Template: Attract agencies advertising your dream job and broaden your network with a captivating LinkedIn profile. Our step-by-step guide makes it easy to copy and paste eye-catching, branded content that hooks your audience.
  • E-Note and Cover Letters: Whether you’re navigating career changes or gaps in employment, our tailored cover letters and quick-read e-notes ensure your story is told compellingly without leaving room for guesswork.
  • Mobile / ATS Resume: Adapted for Applicant Tracking Systems and mobile viewing, this resume epitomises readability and minimalist design, ticking all the boxes for modern-day job applications.
  • One-Page Networking Resume: Ideal for cold applications, networking events, and speaking engagements, this condensed version of your resume offers a snapshot of your most impactful skills and experience, all in a visually appealing design.
  • Document Formats: Receive your documents in Office 365 Word for emailing and PDF for crisp, on-screen resolution or printing.
  • Lifetime Electronic Storage: Enjoy free, lifetime access to your resume files, sent to you upon request at no additional charge.
  • Three-Year Special Update Pricing: Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive update pricing, valid for three years from your initial purchase.

Choosing the ‘Rapid Ascent’ package isn’t just a purchase—it’s a transformative career move.