Rapid Ascent

$1,649.00 Includes GST

This is by far our most popular package. Everything you need for the job search with each service provided at a special price to make this an unpassable project bundle.



  • Branded resume: typically three pages. Includes marketing and content development using forensic questioning, research/analysis, writing and ruthless editing that pares info into a strategic, precise “essential message”
  • LinkedIn Profile Template: LinkedIn profiles that are bold, short, and branded create chemistry and desire. LinkedIn is the best way for job seekers to connect with each other, find out about hidden job markets, and get the attention of recruiters and job search experts. We make sure your content is as “sticky” as possible, which makes people want to read more. You just copy our writing from our step-by-step guide in Microsoft Word and paste it right into LinkedIn’s fields.
  • E-Note: Simplified 120-word cover letter. Reads in under 60 seconds and stays on the first screen. Bold, brief, employer-focused.
  • Cover letters describe background stories that the CV can’t explain. Great for job changers, recent immigrants, those with work gaps, and others who need to make a compelling case for hire. Cover letters are read less and less as recruiters grapple with ever-increasing workloads, yet leaving a decision-maker guessing can cost an interview.
  • Mobile / ATS Resume: Your resume adapted for viewing on a mobile screen or for uploading to an ATS (applicant tracking system). Clear, readable and minimalist design is perfect for both circumstances.
  • A one-page networking resume humanises job titles, skills, and experience. Condensed, updated, and tastefully designed, this concise version of your resume “sells the sizzle not the steak”. One-page resumes are useful for “cold” applications, networking, personal websites, client introductions in client quotations, Board reports, and speaking engagements.
  • Document formats: Microsoft Word (Office 365) for emailing to recruiters; PDF for printing or perfect on-screen resolution.
  • Lifetime electronic storage. Free access to resume files; sent via email without charge upon receipt of request.
  • Three-year access to special update pricing. Return to Top Margin anytime in the next three years and you will enjoy update pricing at a fraction of the original fee.