$429.00 Includes GST

Qualifiers: Return to us within 3 years. One new job to add (or revamp current role that changed over time). Same job target. Get your special discounted bundle! 20% off cover letter and LinkedIn updates if you buy now.

Exclusive to existing Top Margin clients. We scrutinise the resume for relevancy, seamlessly integrate your achievements from your newest role—using the same style of writing technique that made your resume top-shelf material the last time around. Older roles will have information “retired” to make way for the new, so that the résumé will remain the appropriate page size. The document will be reformatted so that it retains its crisp lines and easy to navigate, page-to-page information flow. You will be consulted on the changes via a presentation draft, and once the document has been refreshed, it will be emailed to you in PDF and Word formats.