$889.00 Includes GST

Qualifiers: Resume written by Top Margin within the last three years. Situation: change career direction or industry.

Exclusive to Top Margin clients, this resume revamp is for customers who have had their resume written by us anywhere between one day and three years. You may find that you have two competing skills bases and want to focus solely on one or the other; you may have simply grown tired of the type of role you hold, or recent training may now qualify you for a new career change. You need to communicate this change of direction via the skills you present, the type and quantity of information provided. It doesn’t matter whether your résumé was completed yesterday, last month, last year, or up to three years ago. Top Margin will “reinvent you” to reflect your new career desires. The Reinvent-it! includes up to two new roles or alternatively three projects (academic or real-life)* * Some people embark on full-time training or part-time education, so there may not be new jobs to add. There will be, however, case studies of projects that prove expertise and create a value proposition for hire.