$889.00 Includes GST

Embrace change with our exclusive Transform-It! package, tailored for Top Margin clients contemplating a career pivot or industry switch. Infuse your resume with new roles or projects, and redefine your professional journey.

Your resume needs to adapt as quickly as your ambitions in the constantly evolving professional landscape. If you’re pondering a career shift or venturing into new industries, our Transform-It! rewrite is the ultimate resume revamp you’ve been looking for. Designed exclusively for Top Margin clients whose resumes we crafted within the last three years, this offering is flexible enough to accommodate fresh updates, regardless of whether we finished your resume yesterday or years ago.

What You’ll Get:

  • Strategic Reorientation: We identify and articulate your career switch, presenting you as a dynamic candidate ready to conquer new challenges.
  • Role and Project Inclusion: Choose between adding up to two new roles or three specialised projects to your resume.
  • Adaptable Content: Whether you have undergone formal training, acquired new skills, or accumulated case studies, we’ll make your resume reflect your newfound focus.
  • Contextual Skill Mapping: We’ll prioritise the skills and achievements most relevant to your new career goal, crafting a compelling value proposition for potential employers.
  • Resume Modernisation: A fresh, updated format and layout will ensure your resume is in sync with current market trends.
  • Collaborative Drafting: Stay involved in the transformation process with two draft presentations for your feedback and revisions.


Important Note: 

  • This service is perfect for those who have either transitioned into new roles, taken on noteworthy projects, or undertaken career-altering education and training.
  • Please be aware that our update service focuses on adding new information to the last version of your resume that we have on file. Over time, you might have made personal additions to your resume, leading to a mix of styles and tones. To ensure a cohesive and professional final document, we’ll base the update on the last version we created for you. For any new information you’ve added and want to include in the updated resume, please provide it via our proprietary Workbooks—we do not rewrite the resume that you have changed. This approach guarantees a seamless integration of style and content, preserving the original document’s consistency and integrity.


With “Transform-It!”, you’re not just changing jobs—you’re transforming your career narrative to align with your evolving ambitions. Make your next move with confidence!