$490.00 Includes GST

Qualifiers: Return within 3 years. We add two roles or one role with 2-3 special projects. Same job target.

Exclusive update pricing for our existing customers who return to Top Margin within 3 years of us writing your original resume. This special price is applicable only if your job target remains the same as the last resume we wrote/updated for you. Using the same writing style as the original we will gather data, re-examine existing information for inclusion, compression, or removal, and flawlessly reproduce the document—perhaps with a different format if necessary. Two roles will be seamlessly incorporated so they blend and complement previous experiences; and page length and fonts will be reviewed to ensure you are in vogue with current thinking. Naturally, you will be consulted on these changes via two draft presentations, and once the document has been revived to meet the market head-on, it will be emailed to you in PDF and Word formats.