Smart Device/ATS Resume

$135.00 Includes GST

Convert your Top Margin original resume to be easily viewed on smart-devices, and get more ‘hits’ on ATS and webform applications.

If you have a ‘WOW factor’ resume with fabulous presentation and graphical elements of colours, text boxes and designs, you’ll have people looking at you in a new light. Sometimes though, the ‘people’ part of resume communications are made harder. Smart phones that wash out colours and show tiny print, or impersonal “hit a button” web forms can mean your resume bypasses human view entirely while it waits patiently for keywords to be entered on a website database. It sure doesn’t sound like a great way to get a job, but we have to do what we have to do, right? If you’ve purchased your resume from Top Margin, we’ll convert your resume to be read clearly on smart devices, and ensure it is friendly with ATS (applicant tracking systems) and web forms. This service is already included in the Rapid Ascent and Ultimate Influence programs and can be purchased separately with new Priority One, or Beyond Excellence programs or update programs.