Smart Device/ATS Resume

$135.00 Includes GST

Maximise your job search reach with our Smart-Device & ATS-Optimised Resume Conversion. Perfect for Top Margin clients who want to shine across all platforms!

In the age of smart devices and automated recruiting, your standout resume deserves to be seen and appreciated everywhere. That’s where our Smart-Device & ATS-Optimised Resume Conversion service swoops in to save the day!

  • Made for Mobility: Designed for Top Margin clients, we take your original, graphically rich resume and optimise it for viewing on smartphones and tablets. No more washed-out colours or hard-to-read fonts; just a crisp, clear presentation that shines on every screen.
  • ATS-Friendly: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a reality in today’s job market. Our conversion ensures your resume gets the attention it deserves, not just stored in a database devoid of name and contact details.
  • Web-Form Ready: Never let online application forms dictate your destiny. With our specialised conversion, your resume retains its punch, whether uploaded to a job board or sent through an online form.
  • Flexible Options: This valuable service is already bundled in our Rapid Ascent and Ultimate Influence packages, and it can be purchased separately with new Priority One, Beyond Excellence programs, or any update programs.

Don’t let technology hold you back. Elevate your job search with a resume that’s not just stunning but also smart-device and ATS compatible. Make your first impression count every time on every platform!