$639.00 Includes GST

Elevate your career narrative to new heights with our Transform-It! package, exclusive to Top Margin’s returning clientele. Ideal for those adding up to three new roles or projects, this service rejuvenates your resume while keeping your job target consistent. Experience unparalleled value at half the cost of a new resume package.

You’ve climbed higher, tackled challenges head-on, and added layers of skills and accomplishments to your professional portfolio. Now, your resume needs to reflect this evolution. Transform-It! isn’t just an update; it’s an overhaul designed to propel you to your next career pinnacle with unmatched dynamism and focus.

What’s Included:

  • In-Depth Data Collection: As we did for your original resume, we’ll thoroughly gather new information to reflect your latest roles or projects.
  • Strategic Content Overhaul: A laser-focused approach to edit, tighten, and refine your existing content, making way for fresh achievements.
  • Dynamic Role Integration: Seamlessly add up to three new roles, or a combination of roles and projects, to craft a continuous, captivating career story.
  • Formatting Facelift: Modernise your resume’s aesthetic with refreshed fonts, layouts, and style—keeping it contemporary and engaging.
  • Troubleshooting and Customisation: We identify and fix any content or structural issues to ensure a foolproof final product.
  • Cost-Efficient: Exceptional value at half the price of a new resume package, making it a smart investment for your career.


Important Note: 

  • This package is exclusively available for clients who return within three years and maintain the same job target while adding up to three roles or projects.
  • Please be aware that our update service focuses on adding new information to the last version of your resume that we have on file. Over time, you might have made personal additions to your resume, leading to a mix of styles and tones. To ensure a cohesive and professional final document, we’ll base the update on the last version we created for you. For any new information you’ve added and want to include in the updated resume, please provide it via our proprietary Workbooks—we do not rewrite the resume that you have changed. This approach guarantees a seamless integration of style and content, preserving the original document’s consistency and integrity.

With “Transform-It!”, you don’t just adapt to the ever-changing job market—you lead the way, with a resume as dynamic and multifaceted as your career.