Ultimate Influence

$2,349.00 Includes GST

A must-have executive solution tailored for the best in the business, by the best in the business.

  • Branded Résumé. Full writing and development including forensic questioning and ruthless editing that pares info into a strategic, precise “essential message”
  • One-page Networking Résumé. One powerful page of essential branding, work history, impact and accomplishments. Meets the “just bottom-line it for me!” needs of busy executives and networking contacts.
  • Branded Bio Suite. High-impact, powerful career biography that encapsulates your business successes, highlights defining career moments and creates high expectations for future prosperity. An outstanding resource for corporate websites, joint-venture portfolios, advertising, and to woo potential investors. Includes one-page corporate bio, 100-word and 50-word bios for articles or public speaking and a 25+ word bio blurb for articles, speaking or introductions by a colleague, etc.
  • Mobile / ATS Resume: Your resume is adapted for viewing on a mobile screen. Recruiters want to jump on new talent whenever it presents itself. Sure, you could wait until they return to the office to view your resume, but with 90%+ of recruiters viewing documents on their mobile phones first, it makes sense to be seen with priority. A clear, readable and minimalist design is perfect for small screens. (And, as the format is plain and uncluttered, it presents an easy opportunity for it to transition quickly and easily through Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • E-Note: Next-generation cover letters are pared down to the absolute essentials to paste into an email when sending a resume. E-notes can be read in 60 seconds or less and do not extend beyond the first screen. Both documents are employer-centred, bold and brief.
  • Cover Letter: custom cover letter touches on special circumstances for when you have an extended story to tell that the resume just can’t explain. Great for career changers, migrants, work gaps, or any other special situation where you must build a compelling case for hire. With the crazy volumes of work handled by recruiters and decision-makers, cover letters are read less and less—and yet, interviews can be lost if a special circumstance isn’t clear. The longer-style cover letter is crucial for setting the record straight.
  • LinkedIn Profile Template: This is the way to be found and search for employment. A bold, brief, branded LinkedIn profile builds chemistry and desire. Includes development of branded value proposition, engaging entry, metaphor or analogy, birds-eye view of your background, the “how behind the ‘what’, deliverables, the story of your journey, brand attributes, and LinkedIn tagline. This is delivered in a step-by-step guide in Microsoft Word, where you can simply cut and paste the pre-counted content directly into the fields.
  • LinkedIn Avatar/Photo Improvement: We’ll improve your photo—better colour, makeup, background, removal of unwanted objectives, and better lighting to make your profile pop from the page.
  • Access to our 30-day job search program to help you make a change for the better. Receive an email daily for a month that gives you a 15- to 20-minute task. This can cover revamping your resume when needed for a special role, updating your LinkedIn profile, and expanding your professional network. Our program is designed to be simple and easy to follow, so you can focus on what matters – finding a job that makes you happy.
  • Personalised Job-Search Marketing Plan: 25+ page document that outlines your goals and courses of action to take and provides a definitive roadmap to optimise the quality of your job search. Have you considered what to do next after the resume is complete?
  • Versions: Word (email), PDF (printing)

Lifetime electronic storage. Free access to resume files; sent via email without charge upon receipt of the request.
Important! Packages of this depth take time to design and produce. A time-intensive portfolio cannot, and should not, be rushed. Please provide up to 3-4 weeks over the normal quoted time for development and completion.