$999.00 Includes GST

Maximise your LinkedIn impact with our stand-alone LinkedIn development service. Tailored for those without a Top Margin resume, we start from scratch to make you a LinkedIn superstar!

Why settle for just any LinkedIn profile when you can have one crafted by a Master-level certified LinkedIn writer? If you haven’t had the privilege of a Top Margin resume, worry not! Our stand-alone LinkedIn service is specially designed for professionals like you.

What You Get:

  • Custom Content Creation: We dig deep through a comprehensive questionnaire, crafting compelling job descriptions and magnetic heading taglines that set you apart.
  • SEO-Optimised: Keyword integration ensures you’re not just on LinkedIn—you’re visible, attracting the right recruiters and opportunities.
  • Expert Tips: Benefit from our insider advice on enhancing visibility, conducting an effective job search, and building your professional network.
  • FAVAR Methodology: Authored by a certified writer and advocate of the FAVAR method, your LinkedIn profile will be meticulously designed to grab recruiter attention.

This isn’t just a LinkedIn profile; it’s your online professional identity, sculpted to perfection. So, whether you’re seeking to network, job-hunt, or stand out in your field, our stand-alone LinkedIn service is your ticket to unprecedented digital recognition. Make the investment today for a LinkedIn profile that works as hard as you do!