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Step into the nexus of experience and ambition at Top Margin Executive Resumes, where every word is a catalyst for opportunity. This is your gateway to executive leadership, management roles, and tomorrow’s leadership positions. Beyond a mere chronicle of your career milestones, we sculpt an irrefutable business case that brands you as an indispensable asset to any organisation. Elevate your market value with a masterfully crafted resume, cover letter, biography, or LinkedIn profile that radiates confidence and underscores your proven successes. This is where high-impact storytelling meets authentic personal branding and your professional journey truly begins.

gayle howard

Meet Gayle Howard
Unrivaled Experience, Proven Excellence

Master Resume Writer, Personal Branding Strategist, Certified Executive Resume Master

With an unparalleled portfolio boasting over twenty specialised resume-writing certifications, Gayle Howard is the epitome of industry excellence. Her innovative contributions include resumes featured in 21 global publications, an impressive tally of 29 first-place accolades from 51 TORI award nominations, and the mentorship of more than 200 budding resume writers worldwide. As a trailblazing influencer with three decades of dedicated experience, Gayle has set industry trends that have become gold standards. Place your trust in a seasoned expert whose unmatched credentials guarantee you’ll be working with a strategic thinker, critical problem solver and creative visionary.


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Top Margin specialises in executive resumes, leadership biographies, LinkedIn optimisation, high-impact E-notes, and custom cover letters. Extend your reach with micro case studies for special projects, in-depth training courses, and a rich array of career-enhancing resources.

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I wasn’t sure what to expect in trying to do this over the internet and with such a huge difference in time zones, but I give you credit for managing to still make it a very personalized experience and professional job


These documents are brilliant thank you. Each very powerful and purposeful in their own right. Totally happy with them – over the moon in fact. No editing, changes or updating required!  Thank you for producing such an amazing set of documents and a project / experience that was nothing like I have ever experienced. The whole process can only be surmised as slick, professional and very well structured. Regards, Ben

General Manager, Transport & Logistics

Being a customer who has returned after many years, I love how you have designed the questionnaires for mood, design and past employment details. I think you’ve made the process fun and relaxing, and although we haven’t spoken for a long time, I still see your passion for helping people with their dream/success beyond just running a business. This is very hard to find, so thank you! I’m glad that I chose you from the beginning of my career and have returned after spending many years in one organisation!


You have managed to transform my resume from something dull, to something bold and contemporary that presents me in an individual way… thank you thank you thank you!


I just wanted to say thank you for the work you completed for me. I really appreciate the effort as the output has boosted my confidence in my ability enormously.
I applied for an exciting role and, within 24 hours, had a callback and was one of six shortlisted candidates out of 200! I wanted to share the excitement with you as it is your work that delivered that result for me – so thank you!

Manager Operations, Marine, Mining and Energy

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