Resume Examples

“So what? Make me care!”

Cut through the demands on overwhelmed decision-makers by presenting accomplishment-focused, value-infused resumes that will make it a quick, ‘no brainer’ decision for them to call you to interview. If you haven’t changed your resume or approach for years, now’s the time to innovate or stagnate.

Choose to work with a pioneering thought leader, ethically and responsibly doing what works for you. Below you will see some resume samples — just a small indication of the calibre of work we create for our clients every single day. Note: All resumes below have been created for Australian jobseekers, but have been anonymized and fictionalized for a global audience using US-based contacts details and US spelling.




Accounting and Finance

Anne is bold, outgoing leader who was pragmatic, persistent and able to bring people along with her ideas and decisions. The colour used, a dusty red would not work for most people, but Anne was delighted with the way it indicated her as a force of nature!

IT Resume

Who said IT resumes had to be dull? This document sings this client’s praises from the rooftops while the bold black and white theme makes for easy-on-the-eye reading where acronyms can become difficult to absorb.

Hospitality Executive

A smart, sharp presentation for a results-focused, fiscally responsive hospitality executive who had succeeded in three distinctly different career paths with sub-branches!  (hospitality and equity sectors, as well as entrepreneurship and university lecturing). This could have left readers confused, however, smart branding and a focus on where he wanted to be now, created a clear picture. He started sending out the resume immediately and within two weeks had been offered the job of his dreams back in hospitality.

General Manager

This bold, unusual theme worked beautifully for a General Manager who transformed profit ideas into a workable reality. Note the way page 1 provides a “snap off” one-page resume that highlights his entire career for those who just want to know the facts.


Bold, eye-catching with energetic writing that captured the personality of the client, teams well with an unusual colour scheme requested by the client. Page 1 provides the wow factor with “Just the Facts” providing at-a-glance career successes, while Value Proposition features three of his best accomplishments. Page 2 clarifies and provides context.

Chief Financial Officer

Matt is a leader of people, a profit builder and a decision-maker, and he was familiar with the importance of technology as a partner to business. All of these items are evident in this resume, from the opening quotation in his own words on the left-hand side of page one, to the final quotation on page three.