Resume Examples—Exceptional by any Standards

Grab their attention: Make them need you!

Amidst the sea of CVs that decision-makers wade through, make yours the lifebuoy they eagerly grab. Our CVs are laser-focused on achievements and value, making the decision to interview you an effortless “yes.” If your CV strategy has been gathering dust, it’s time to evolve or risk being overlooked. Partner with a vanguard in the industry, committed to tailoring effective, ethical solutions for you. Below, you’ll find a selection of CV samples that serve as testaments to the quality we deliver daily. Note: While these samples were crafted for Australian jobseekers, they’ve been anonymised and adjusted for a global audience using US contact details and spelling. 

Accounting and Finance

Meet Anne: A Dynamo in Leadership, Coloured by Unstoppable Energy!
Her resume radiates in a striking shade of dusty red—a daring choice that encapsulates her bold and relentless spirit. Anne isn’t just pleased; she’s electrified by how the colour declares her a force of nature!”

IT Resume

Who Says Tech Can’t Be Trendy? Feast Your Eyes on a Resume That’s As Dynamic As Its Owner!
This isn’t just another IT resume—it’s a standing ovation in document form! With a sleek black and white theme, it delivers high-tech prowess in a digestible format. Get ready for a resume where even the acronyms pop!”


IT Resume Sample


Hospitality Executive

From Diverse Talents to Dream Job—A Resume That Serves Up Success!
Get ready for a masterclass in career storytelling. For a multi-talented executive straddling hospitality, equity, entrepreneurship, and academia, clarity is key. This razor-sharp resume zeroes in on his hospitality aspirations, leaving no room for confusion. The result? In just two weeks, he landed the dream role he was hungry for. Now that’s what we call a full-course career meal!

General Manager

Transforming Profits and Styles—A General Manager’s Resume That Grabs Attention!
Think one-page resumes can’t capture a whole career? Think again. This visually striking resume offers a ‘snap-off’ first page, distilling years of expertise into a glance-ready format. Tailored for a General Manager who turns profit visions into solid gains, this resume defies norms and captures attention—just like its owner.


Make a Statement, Capture the Spotlight: A Resume That Truly Reflects Its Owner!
Why settle for the ordinary when you can dazzle from the first glance? This one-of-a-kind resume does just that, combining bold hues—custom-chosen by the client—with electric prose to mirror his dynamic personality. Page 1 delivers the ‘WOW’ factor, summing up career milestones in a ‘Just the Facts’ section, and spotlighting top achievements in the Value Proposition. Page 2 dives deeper, enriching the narrative with compelling context. A total package that captures essence and demands attention.

Chief Financial Officer

Unlock the Power of Personal Branding: A CFO’s Story Told Like Never Before!
Meet Matt, the CFO who knows how to rally a team, multiply profits, and leverage technology to fuel business growth. This resume captures it all—from the captivating opening quote on page one, straight from Matt’s own words, to the closing insights on page three. Every page serves as a testament to his multifaceted leadership. Engaging and authentic, this resume doesn’t just list qualifications—it narrates a journey of achievement and expertise.