Help for the self-sufficient

What happens when…

… you don’t have the time to have your resume prepared and written by Gayle?

You go the D-I-Y route, that’s what! Sometimes, you don’t need an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza! Sometimes, you just need help and guidance. If you’re going to get it, you may as well get it from a Master.

Write the Great Australian Resume!

You’ve just seen the dream job advertised. But it’s Saturday and there’s no time for professional help. What to DO? Where to START? The answer is: you start here. This fun, video-based training written and narrated by Gayle Howard, gives you all the tricks and insights you need to make those critical adjustments to your resume you so stand out in a crowd.


What are you waiting for?

Actionable guidance and downloadable templates makes this a no-brainer.

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PS… You need a Resume (ebook)

PS…You Need a Resume will show you:

  • 11 debunked myths
  • Trigger words that elicit that must-have response in recruiters
  • How to create a 7-step action plan
  • Ways to turn a dull set of job tasks into strong achievements
  • More than 65 pages of real-life resume examples from executive to hospitality, graduates, administration, engineering, IT, and more to guide and inspire you.

PS…You Need a Resume! outlines step-by-step, the most effective resume-writing strategies we have developed.

Written by Gayle Howard, Top Margin’s founder, CEO and Master Resume Writer, PS…You Need a Resume! is about how to write and present a resume that will maximise your chances for an interview.

“Mark” had great success applying Gayle’s 7-step plan.

“Gayle, I wanted to give you an update on our progress. We applied all of your techniques to my wife Penny’s CV as well as mine, and I have to report we have been fairly stunned by the results. When we first started looking for jobs in Auckland using our newly constructed CVs, Penny was inundated with interview requests and eventually was offered a position managing a team of business analysts when all she initially expected to be offered was a senior analyst role. The recruiter in question had tried to find a suitable candidate for four months. When I started to apply for senior project manager roles my CV was rejected regularly. I subsequently received another interview to set up and manage a strategic program office, passed, and was then interviewed buy the MD and offered the position. This is pretty much a dream role for me. As a result we have both obtained positions we thought we were capable of but maybe in a couple of years with more experience. Our conclusion is that not only did your techniques help us construct a more effective CV but they also helped us to analyse our careers to date and to sell the achievements we had made during our interviews. By the way, many people here have commented on how well our CVs demonstrated our achievements. So thanks again for the help and you can be sure that I recommend you to everyone I know is looking for work. Best regards, Mark.”

Here’s a recent email from “Ros”

Hi Gayle, Just thought I would send a quick email and let you know that about a year ago I stopped writing resumes. What hasn’t stopped is people I know asking me to help them write one! With friends and family I always recommend your book PS You Need a Resume. Some of the feedback I’ve had after they’ve bought and used it include ‘It’s brilliant’, ‘I’ve used it for my family and friends – they love it’, “I got a job interview straight away’, ‘I just have to show you the resume I wrote using it – thank you!’ So a huge thank you Gayle for writing and making available such a wonderful resource! :), Cheers, Ros