The Process

Week 1

Order is received. On the first day, we set you up on our project collaboration area and you are able to download our exclusive information gatherer worksheets.

Week 1-2

You complete the worksheets and return answers to us*.

Week 3-4

Gayle places your project on the writing schedule and the resume is delivered two weeks after your information gatherer worksheets have been received.

Week 4

Revision session takes place and then you sign off.

Week 4-5

Anything else you have purchased is completed, such as interview coaching and websites.

Why our resumes work


We ask the right questions to find out who you are; what you need to say and who you want to say it to.

These questions underpin your entire resume and career communications strategy. If info isn’t relevant to your goal, it’s out. If you can’t prove it, it’s out. If it needs to be celebrated, we’ll sing it from the rooftops!


Good strategy is achieved through good information, so we ask you a lot of questions.

What will compel people to want to know more about you? What are you passionate about? What do people need to know about you? What will make your LinkedIn profile “sticky”? Once we have the strategy down pat, we move forward.

Writing and Branding

Top Margin evangelizes textual minimalism—it’s the new norm that grabs and holds the attention of decision makers. Our power-pitched resumes, leadership case studies, personal marketing briefs, and 100-word cover notes simply sizzle. Busy, distracted decision makers respond to our method of showcasing your value in a “So What? Make Me Care! Do it Fast!” world.

Your documents will be brief, relevant and packed with ROI.  The seismic shift towards micro-messaging (SMS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) makes value-infused communications an essential practice. We cut through the career clutter so that every word and phrase is based upon rock solid, branded value to fill industry/employer needs.

Today’s business culture where executives are quick to judge, and where recruiters guard their time in the face of infinite competition, demands that your value be instantly understandable and recognisable.