Unlocking Australian Job Opportunities: Navigating New Visa Changes and Crafting Winning Resumes

As Australia rallies from a skills shortage post-COVID-19, the government’s visa amendments usher in a beacon of hope. Effective July 1, 2023, these changes are pivotal for migrants and international students aspiring to leverage the growth in Australian job opportunities.

More Visas, More Chances

The Australian Government’s introduction of over 30,000 additional visas signals a strategic shift, dedicating 70% of places to skilled migrants. This substantial increase from previous years marks a welcome invitation to talents worldwide, promising new horizons in employer-sponsored and general skilled migration visas.

Revising International Student Work Rights

The adjustment period post-pandemic sees Student visa holders returning to pre-COVID work limits, now permitted to work up to 48 hours per fortnight. This change balances study commitments with the practicality of part-time work, ensuring students can continue to support their education financially.

485 Visa – A Graduate Gateway

Significant reforms to the 485 Visa encompass a more structured approach, requiring nomination of occupations from the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. For students graduating in health, teaching, engineering, or agriculture, extended visa access provides a substantial advantage, with durations extended up to 6 years for doctoral degrees.

Embracing India-Australia Collaboration

The India-Australia Economic Co-operation and Trade Agreement introduces a new era of bilateral benefits, including extended post-study work visas and eligibility for Work and Holiday visas, solidifying the mutual commitment to educational and professional exchange.

Financial Considerations

Prospective applicants should be aware of the rising visa application charges, with increases ranging from 6 to 40 per cent across various categories. The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold also sees a hike, now $70,000, aligning with the nation’s economic benchmarks.

Seize the Moment

With these encouraging developments, it’s prime time for skilled professionals and international students to apply for an Australian visa.

The Resume: Your Australian Advantage

Before stepping onto Australian soil, arm yourself with a resume that resonates with local employers. At Top Margin, we understand the nuances of the Australian job market, offering tailored resume writing services to position you effectively. While early job applications might seem proactive, they often lack traction without a confirmed relocation date.

Once settled, your Australian-formatted resume will become your passport to the job market, paving the way for interviews and opportunities on platforms like SEEK.com.au within days of arrival.

In summary, the recent visa changes are a clarion call to global talent. With Australia extending a warm welcome, ensure your readiness with a professionally written resume that reflects the country’s unique employment culture. Now is the time to plan your journey down under, where opportunity meets preparedness.


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