Writing a Resume That Resonates: A Look Back at 2005 Wisdom Updated for Today’s Job Market

First penned in 2005, the insights in this article continue to hold their weight even in our rapidly evolving job market. Now, after more than three decades of leading my business in resume writing, it’s a fitting time to re-share this invaluable advice—enriched by the wisdom of the past decade.

One key principle to keep at the forefront when crafting your resume is understanding your audience. Too often, job seekers approach resume writing as a self-focused activity, neglecting to consider what the hiring manager wants to see.

Remember, while your resume talks about you, it’s not written for your own reading. Instead, it’s aimed at the hiring manager who needs specific information. So, shift the narrative. Don’t dwell on your job responsibilities; your next role will likely mirror what you’re doing now. What hiring managers crave are concrete achievements set against a backdrop of challenges and context. They’re keen to see how your actions have measurably impacted your current company in terms of operations, profits, or stakeholder relationships.

Resist the temptation to stuff your resume with industry jargon or technical acronyms, especially if you’re in a specialised field like IT. What hiring managers want is a quick snapshot of your career focus—are you into infrastructure, application development, or perhaps cybersecurity? Once that’s clear, they decide whether to continue reading.

Hiring managers are interested in specifics—savings you’ve generated, innovation you’ve sparked, projects you’ve successfully spearheaded. They want to read about the why, the what, the how, and the results of these initiatives. It’s your human touch as a leader that captures attention—a leader who not only drives technological advancements but also strategically positions the company for future growth.

So, if a client or colleague lauds your work as a “major success,” dig deeper. What were the challenges you overcame? How did you measure the success? Providing these specifics makes your resume come alive and resonate with the people who read it.


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