Book Review: Your First Job by Mark Blayney

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Book: Your First Job: How to make a success of starting work and ensure your first year is the launch of a successful career. 

Author: Mark Blayney. Complimentary copy provided by the author for an honest review

As most of my clients are senior executives, I was unsure if “Your First Job—how to make a success of starting work and ensure your first year is the launch of a successful career” would be useful to for my readership to hear about. However, everyone has a family member somewhere who would be good candidates for this book. And an excellent and thorough book it is!

This useful, comprehensive guide, is written in a clear, flowing style that explores everything you weren’t told beyond submitting a resume and interview. It’s all about starting your first job.

From the initial warm welcome, to the stress of dealing with competing priorities and unreasonable demands of others, this book helps individuals deal with the ‘real world’.

Following the author’s advice of self-management, social media accounts, relationship management, effective communications, and organization, new employees should be able to navigate the minefield of their first role—if not with ease—then certainly awareness from the first day, and throughout the month’s ahead.

This book is a must read for people passionate about putting their best foot forward when embarking on the first steps of a career.








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