Certified Reach Personal Branding Strategist

Certified Reach Personal Branding Strategist

After an intense and extremely productive and exhilarating course of study, today I received recognition that I have now been awarded certification was a “Certified Reach Personal Branding Strategist”

I’m absolutely thrilled to be now be officially recognised for a topic that I have long regarded as one of the most important emerging trends in job seeking for more than a decade.

Ask me about the tools and techniques used in personal branding! As one of only three Certified Reach Personal Branding Strategists in Australia, you will be receiving assistance at the cutting edge!


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About Gayle Howard

If you are interested in working with Gayle Howard—an executive resume writer, Certified Master Resume Writer, multi-award-winning resume writer, and Master LinkedIn profile writer, drop her a line now using the contact form at the link above. Gayle can help you get interviews for your dream job and bring the world of business to you by maximizing your exposure and connections on LinkedIn.