CVs for Consultants or Project Managers With Multiple Projects

PastedGraphic-276x300Not everyone has the benefit of a nice, clean, progressive employment history.

In particular, CVs for Consultants or Project Managers can be ‘messy’ with multiple projects and assignments failing to communicate a professional’s true value.

Multiple, overlapping projects makes prioritising the chronology to present information difficult, and if the jobseeker has been involved in consulting or project management for many years, the resume has the potential to turn into the CV equivalent of “War and Peace”!

Showcasing your talents however, is not as difficult as you may think.

Professionals involved in assignment work, offer (and have amassed) a rich and interesting background. Yet, much of it has a certain sameness when reading about it.

I hesitate saying. “Seen one acquisition, seem them all” or “Seen one one interim CEO gig, seen them all” because all these assignments or projects will have differences and no doubt some significant challenges that make them unique in one way or another.

However, from a big picture perspective, you may find much of the work can be along the same lines today as the project you were on six months, a year, or even five years ago.

Reading a resume that provides intricate detail or repeats the same information throughout the CV, can make for a pretty dull read for even the most motivated recruiter or resume reviewer, so one of the best ways to overcome reader fatigue, is to showcase micro-case studies.

Choose three or four blockbuster stories to highlight the skills you want to ‘sell’ the most; note company size, scope, turnaround requirements, challenges, actions and outcomes—and start writing.

Once you’re done, keep refining the text by removing unnecessary wording until you have four or five beautifully crafted lines of compelling content for each story you want to relate.

Follow that if you wish with a separate section that provides “Just the facts”, where you can list a summary of of other clients you’ve worked with, roles you’ve held, top project dollar amounts and more. 

This strategy works well and has the benefit of highlighting an assignment of value outside the employment chronology by bringing it to the fore (especially if more recent projects have not quite lived up to the standard of the work you were doing a couple of years ago). 

The aim is to pick out a few different examples: one problematic, one technically complex, perhaps one highly visible, or one where you had to work through relationships or execute a turnaround to achieve a result.

Choppy information and confusing dates are then removed, to provide a compelling, streamlined reading experience.


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