How to find the best resume writer to sell your accomplishments

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I’m a published book author, my resumes have either won or been nominated for 51 awards, and I’ve been a professional resume writer for more than three decades.

So I’m qualified, right? Well, there aren’t many people out there who fit that description, but.. the answer frankly, is maybe.
How do you know if you’re getting the best resume writer for you?
Some people believe it is having knowledge of their specific field.  They want to test me on the nuances of equity trading, business analysis, cybersecurity, mergers and acquisitions and so on.
But is it crucial that I know your exact job inside-out or what you do in minute detail?
Resume writers come from diverse fields prior to entering the resume writing industry. Some have been journalists, academics, HR professionals and recruiters. However, there would be a one-in-a-million shot of hiring a writer with my level of expertise who also just happened to have in-depth personal career knowledge of a highly specific field to the exclusion of all others.
For instance, my expertise is C-level executives; that’s what my business is focused on. However, my job is not to be the former CEO of a multinational company, the world’s foremost cybersecurity leader, or the world’s most famous hedge fund operator. (Frankly, if I was in any of those high-paying roles, there is a good chance I’d be keeping it rather than sitting 16 hours a day at my computer agonizing over elegant phrasing and a trusty thesaurus!).
My job is to take the information you give me, understand your value proposition, focus on the reader of your resume and what is important to them, and then write your resume. The highest echelon of resume writers settles in the executive field because more than anything, that’s the area where you need to understand the business world and know how to “talk the talk” when it’s not what we actually do for a living. Top resume writers need to write using your phrasing and words and do so in a way that makes a powerful, indelible impact on the reader. That decision-maker will know just from reading that resume that you are the person with the achievements, insights and experience to handle the challenges of the role the company is offering.
So it’s not about whether I know the nuances of the cybersecurity industry, the intricacies of hedge funding, or how to personally forecast profits for a global company. What’s important, is that I have the insight it takes to know what the reader will expect to see in a person of your calibre and the writing talent it takes to inspire trust and confidence in the way your story is being told.
The best resume writer for you is not one who has worked for your company in the past, it’s the one you trust to write your story and celebrate your achievements in a way that gets you noticed.
And the one who cares enough about your ultimate success to do it well.


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