Unlock Your Dream Job: Why the Best Resume Writer Doesn’t Need to Be an Expert in Your Field!

When it comes to choosing a resume writer, you may be wondering if someone with my credentials—over three decades in the field and 51 award-nominated or winning resumes—fits the bill as your ideal choice. The answer? Perhaps, but let’s delve a little deeper.

You might assume that the best writer for you is someone well-versed in your specific sector, be it equity trading, cybersecurity, or international business. But let me offer an alternative viewpoint.

Resume writers hail from diverse professional backgrounds, such as journalism, academia, human resources, and more. The likelihood of finding a writer specialised in your particular industry, who also possesses extensive resume-writing expertise, is quite slim.

For example, my niche is in serving C-level executives. While I may not have been a CEO myself, the focus isn’t on having a writer who’s lived your professional life. Instead, it’s about having someone who can effectively interpret and articulate your unique value proposition.

The ultimate skill of a top-tier resume writer lies in the ability to ‘speak the language’ of the industry, even if it’s not their native tongue. They should be able to represent you in a way that resonates strongly with the reader of your resume—most likely, a key decision-maker within a company.

The bottom line isn’t whether a resume writer has intricate knowledge of your field. What matters is their capability to discern what a hiring manager or executive is looking for in a candidate of your calibre. It’s about their talent in writing—a skill that inspires trust and exudes confidence, presenting your career story in the most compelling manner.

So, when choosing a resume writer, look for someone who can narrate your professional story convincingly, rather than someone who has specifically worked in your field. The best resume writer is the one who can articulate your achievements and qualities in a way that gets you noticed, and who is invested in your ultimate career success.


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