How to create a powerful LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn ProfileHow long has it been since you’ve taken a look at your LinkedIn profile? There are more than 364 million people in over 200 countries currently using LinkedIn. If your profile is outdated, poorly written or just plain blah, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. I’ve helped countless executives from around the world establish a productive and memorable presence on LinkedIn over the years. Along the way, I’ve noticed certain best practices that are guaranteed to boost your profile’s effectiveness and help you take full advantage of all that the #1 business social network offers.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile regularly. Outdated experience descriptions or contact information sends the wrong signals. Check back every month or two to make sure your info is up to date, and you can be confident that someone searching for you will be able to access current information.
  • You must be clear about who you are and who you are not. An unfocused LinkedIn profile may be worse than no profile at all.
  • State your value clearly. A successful LinkedIn profile gives readers a snapshot of who you are and how you can contribute to their organization.
  • A LinkedIn profile is a marketing tool, not a bio or a resume. Don’t make the mistake of outlining your entire professional history in detail.
  • Come up with a headline that will instantly attract the attention of your LinkedIn profile visitor. When someone searches for you on LinkedIn they will see your name, your headline and location. Great headlines attract attention.
  • Keywords play an important part in being found on LinkedIn. Use keywords in headline, summary skills and experience.
  • Don’t blend in. The most difficult part of creating your LinkedIn profile is sounding original. Stay away from using too many catchphrases. Articulate what makes you unique and valuable.
  • Find outside inspiration. You can learn a lot about developing your profile from online dating sites. The concept is the same: to get someone’s attention.

Your LinkedIn profile may be the first impression that some hiring managers have of you. So make it count! Don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet? Check out how Top Margin can help you create a powerful professional presence online today.


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