LinkedIn Update : How to make the most of your profile

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a linkedin update is crucial. Left unattended your profile won't get the right attention.

A LinkedIn update is needed now—it’s not a “set and forget” business!

Do you need a Linkedin update? Remember how you set up a LinkedIn profile a few years ago? You probably check in now and then when you receive an invitation to connect, but how much attention have you really paid it lately? Left unattended, an out-of-date LinkedIn profile can hurt rather than help your reputation. If your work history is out of date, if your bio does not reflect your current focus, expertise and experience, it confuses your message.

Let’s say that a colleague recommends you as a perfect candidate for a new position. That company immediately checks your LinkedIn profile, doing their due diligence before reaching out. When they see a profile that hasn’t changed in 2 years, outdated credentials, and no mention of the experience required for the position, they move on.

And you’ve just missed a golden opportunity without even knowing it.

It’s never too late to fix it up, though. Here’s a checklist to help dust off your profile and turn it into the powerhouse online sales profile it can be.

  • Use a professional headshot. Nice and close, no distractions or other people. Look straight into the lens and smile. Looking cool, unattainable and edgy is just great for Facebook. For your job search, look engaged, professional and motivated.
  • Keep your bio up to date. Stay away from using buzz words and superlatives about yourself. You really are not the superman of sales, and everyone says they are motivated, hard-working and a self-starter. Be original and try to attach a real-life business achievement to your personal attributes to prove they’re not just words; that you walk the talk.
  • Focus on clearly stating your experience, strengths and goals. Know what key words are important in your industry and use them. If you don’t know, research people with your job. Look at their key words.
  • Fill in the blanks. Update and add any experience, accreditations and awards, as you gain them. Share examples of recent work including media appearances, projects, volunteer experience and published articles. Don’t be afraid to add new sections to your profile! Don’t know how? Feel free to ask me. Include anything that highlights your strengths, makes you memorable and helps to set you apart from the crowd.
  • Get–and give–recommendations. Reach out to colleagues and clients and ask for recommendations. Try to have one or more for each job listed in your profile. If appropriate, offer to write recommendations for others in turn.
  • Keep your last job “current”. Your profile may be considered outdated (and get fewer displays to searches) if your last job has ended and you don’t have a new job to add. So don’t close off that last job. It’s easy to say that you’ve not updated it if asked.
  • Be social. Joining strategic groups, follow companies, and participate in conversations. Offer thoughtful responses and share solutions that give readers an insight into your expertise.
  • Proofread! Typos, incorrect grammar, and misspellings can all destroy your credibility, causing readers to instantly dismiss you and move on. Each time you update your profile, take a minute to go back and read through it carefully. Even better, ask a friend to look it over as well. Even professional copyeditors know that two sets of eyes are better than one.

If your LinkedIn account doesn’t reflect your current strengths and focus, if it doesn’t send the right message, it’s not too late to fix. Use this checklist to get started on your LinkedIn update. And if you aren’t sure what the best strategies are, reach out to us. We’ll make sure your LinkedIn updated profile successfully supports your professional image online.



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