Revitalise Your LinkedIn Profile: The Ultimate Checklist for Maintaining a High-Impact Online Presence

So, you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile a while back. Great first step! But if you’re only glancing at it when a new connection request pops up, you’re not making the most of this powerful networking tool. An obsolete LinkedIn profile can do more harm than good, sending mixed signals about your career trajectory and expertise.

Imagine a scenario where a colleague endorses you for a promising job role. Before making contact, the potential employer scans your LinkedIn. A dormant profile, out-of-date skills, and stale endorsements? They’ll likely pass you by, and you’ll miss an incredible chance without even realising it.

The good news is that it’s never too late for a profile revamp. Here’s your go-to checklist to keep your LinkedIn vibrant and effective:

Your LinkedIn Profile Is a Living Asset—Treat It That Way!

1. Choose the Right Headshot: Opt for a professional, close-up image where you’re looking straight at the camera. Keep the focus solely on you—save the edgy group photos for Facebook. Here, you want to appear engaged, approachable, and career-ready.

2. Update Your Bio with Substance: Dodge buzzwords and generic adjectives. Instead, detail actual accomplishments that demonstrate your skills. Be yourself, but align your bio with your current career objectives.

3. Know Your Keywords: Research the buzzing terms in your field and incorporate them. Analyse profiles of those who share your job title for inspiration.

4. Complete All Sections: As you acquire new roles, awards, and accreditations, add them in. Don’t hesitate to include media features, volunteer work, or articles you’ve written. If you’re unsure how to add new sections, I’m here to help.

5. Exchange Recommendations: Secure at least one recommendation for each job role you’ve had. Better still, return the favour to your endorsers when appropriate.

6. Keep Your Employment Status Updated: Refrain from closing out your last position even if you’re in between jobs. This keeps your profile active in LinkedIn’s algorithms.

7. Engage, Engage, Engage: Join groups, follow organisations, and get involved in discussions. Offer value by posting insightful comments or solutions that highlight your expertise.

8. Edit, Then Edit Again: Spelling and grammatical mistakes can sink your professional image. Always proofread, and if possible, get a second pair of eyes on your content.

By keeping your LinkedIn profile current and dynamic, you’re not only maintaining your online reputation, you’re proactively paving the way for new opportunities to find you. So why wait? Your next big break could be just a profile update away!


If your LinkedIn account doesn’t reflect your current strengths and focus, if it doesn’t send the right message, it’s not too late to fix. Use this checklist to get started on your LinkedIn update. And if you aren’t sure what the best strategies are, reach out to us. We’ll ensure your LinkedIn updated profile successfully supports your professional image online.



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