Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award Winner


Gayle Howard, Founder and Managing Director of Top Margin Career Marketing Group of Services, was recognised for her contributions to the careers industry with a Master Career Professional Lifetime Achievement Award from Career Directors International (CDI). Recognition of this calibre denotes Mrs Howard’s commitment to furthering her craft and making a difference to job seekers which was measured across numerous criteria of quality and industry longevity.

Contributing to this award were Mrs Howard’s eighteen-plus years of industry experience, commitment to growth and education with continued membership with CDI, completion of a minimum of 45 hours of industry training within the past four years, endorsement as a CDI Master Career Director (which requires extensive industry and community outreach and development of strategic and cutting-edge industry programs and services) as well as experience in a leadership, committee, or mentorship role through CDI.

The Master Career Professional Lifetime Achievement award is issued once per year at CDI’s annual conference to those individuals meeting the rigorous criteria that are required of this prestigious award. In its inaugural year, the award has only been conveyed to four members who include Gayle Howard.

Top Margin Career Marketing Group of Services offers expert resume writing and career coaching services to C-level executive clientele in the global marketplace. Their expertise is in empowering clients who wish to transition either within their existing career fields or to another industry. Mrs Howard is a recognised author, blogger, and columnist with more than eighteen and a half years of assisting clients to meet their career goals. She has been published in 22 resume writing and cover letter compilation books. In addition, she has received 13 global first prize awards for resume writing. To learn more about the Top Margin Career Marketing Group of Services visit the website



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About Gayle Howard

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