Is your CV truthful? Fallout can be swift if it isn’t!

The Age newspaper headline: gaping holes in CV of the man running one of NSW’s most important councils.

Another story today of the ramifications of a CV that according to the article, wasn’t “quite right”. You absolutely must be truthful on your resume. And, when I say truthful, I don’t mean tell everyone that your performance appraisal at ABC Company was marked as “abysmal” or that you hated your supervisor and deliberately glued his phone to the desk.

Not that kind of truth.

But saying you did things that you did not do or that others would remember differently, is bound to cause issues.

It’s always short-term gain for long-term pain. You may get the job—but when you get found out as people inevitably do, the fall-out will be swift and the negative impact on your reputation, long.

Here’s the article to read more.



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