Your LinkedIn Photo—You Must Get it Right

Are you getting your Linkedin photo right?

LinkedIn is the window to your next job; to the career-changing next relationship, to new opportunities and friends. Your LinkedIn photo says to the world, “This is my public face; if you hire me this is what you will see every day, and this is will be the impact I have on your team and the people around me”.

Frankly, a lot of people don’t get it. They fail to see the importance of the way they present as a professional. With a computer screen close to your face, a personal connection is implied and it’s incumbent upon you to supply a photo of yourself—employing strategy thought and intelligence when selecting the right image.

If you’re not convinced after you read this, then perhaps this may sway you. Profile pictures yield 14-times more profile views and 36-time more messages, than profiles with no pictures.

Check out the results of a survey completed a couple of years ago by Eyetrackshop that recorded eye movements and concentration levels on LinkedIn profile. Check out the red hot spot on the left. Right over the photo and the headline. Make yours count!


So what sort of things should you know?

Let’s have a look at the type of photos you’ll see every day on LinkedIn.

What impression would you get from this fellow? (I’m guessing if we could see further down, his fists would be clenched).

One mean looking guy about to cause problems

I’m sure many readers would like to befriend this person! (Unsure if will have anything to do with networking… but moving on…). Unless she’s a model, she’s not really doing much to exude a professional image.


Silly faces… just hilarious… but leave the chuckles for your locked-down Facebook before someone who may be wanting to hire you sees it!

funny portrait of young woman trying to lick her nose, dorky sil

Too dark, too arty, silhouetted. Why are you hiding (or what are you hiding?)

Businessman silhouette loosen a bit the tie after work

Unprofessional. Probably hilarious at the office party, but it makes you look like a fool.

crazy businessmen dancing

Really? This is the image you want project?

Classical rubber-duck. Vector-Illustration

Your family are absolutely adorable. Show them off on Facebook. For LinkedIn, we need to focus on you.

Happy grandparents

How you used to be, but aren’t now.

If you used to look like this, don’t use this…

If you now look like this. (Equally beautiful by the way, but it’s just not representative of the truth)


The worst: No picture at all.

In this world where everyone walks around with a camera phone, you can’t even take a selfie? Are you lazy, do you have something to hide, or do you really not understand the power of being social on social media?

Screenshot 2015-01-15 09.22.12

Perfect.  Well lit, professional, close-up for personal connection and friendly. Hair and clothes are appropriate for a business site. Aim for something like this. Photographers now specialize in LinkedIn shots that can be as little as a $100. Not an enormous investment when your next job, a recruiter with a hot lead, or a new influential contact are just a couple of clicks away!

Studio Portrait Of Smiling Senior Woman


Describe the worst LinkedIn profile photo you’ve seen!


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