Management is not just KPIs

If you are a manager or senior manager writing your own resume, don’t concentrate exclusively on achievement of KPIs to the exclusion of the people side of the business. Of course your achievements in terms of reducing costs, driving revenue growth, and delivering strategic outcomes are great. But they are not the only thing you should be focusing on. The best managers -– the best of the best — are people who can capitalise on the strengths of others, retain talent, and spread the love around so people are loyal and committed to the them and the cause. Managers who are focused solely on delivering KPIs are often seen as cold and dismissive of people. And it is those unpopular managers who will happily drive people into the dirt just to meet their own and the businesses objectives with little thought for others in the pursuit of their own empire building. In this day and age, where the economy is bleeding in some areas and businesses are restructuring heavily as they cry for change, a good manager who can deliver profits – AND retain the loyalty and commitment of their key talent is highly desirable.  So keep your people uppermost in your mind when writing; in many instances you would not be where you are today but for the loyalty of the people who act on your visions and demonstrate that loyalty to you. By acknowledging issues such as reversing the brain drain of key employees or forming tightly knit dynamic teams or setting up succession planning for the continued motivation of employees, you will be communicating that it’s not all about numbers. And this strategy will serve you well as the economic downturn starts to bite.


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