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I am digitally distinct! Visit onlineIDCalculator.comThe Reach Online Brand Calculator has assessed me (Gayle Howard), as being on the top of the “Digitally Distinct” tree. This is the nirvana of online identity meaning the first three pages of Google provide 80% on-brand, positive information.

So what about you? Before you are interviewed you can assume that recruiters and/or employers will Google your name.

What will they see? Digital Dirt such as an image on Flickr of you sleeping, dancing with a lampshade on your head or wearing an offensive t-shirt? Perhaps your next employer will find an insensitive comment about your past employer on an association forum?

Then again, you could be Digitally Disastrous: There could be nothing about you on the web; not a solitary piece of information about who you are. Depending on your level of experience, this could be a significant problem. Imagine a Chief Executive Officer who has never made a statement, spoken at a public event, or who has never been quoted in a magazine!

As a jobseeker there is a 90% chance you will be searched for digital dirt or information about you online. Whether you are digitally disastrous, digitally dabbling (sporadic pieces of information that do not provide a consistent picture of you) or digitally dissed somewhere, the idea now is to over-ride the negative with the positive. Lessen and counter negative perceptions with the new on-brand you.

Creating a new professional Linkedin Profile (along with Ziggs, Naymz, e-Cademy, Plaxo and more) has many advantages:

  • Profiles are rapidly indexed by Google. When someone Googles your name the likelihood is that the social media profiles will pop up before anything else. It will be the presence you want people to see.
  • Linkedin Profiles provide a definitive outline of what you stand for and what your current situation is. By letting people know you are available and looking for your next opportunity, you’ll reach recruiters and headhunters scouring the site for new talent.
  • Linkedin Profiles allow you to re-connect or establish relationships with business professionals who are in the position to make something happen for you.

Linked-in Versus Traditional Résumés
The Linkedin profile is an online gallery of your experience and a powerful networking tool. It is shorter and uses different marketing and communication techniques. The Linkedin profile complements your job search through online identity raising and branding, but it is not used in place of a traditional résumé and cover letter.

Our solution to your needs:

OnBrand-ID Programs.

  • UltraLink-ID: We create a Linked-in profile for you using a combination of your responses to our Linkedin worksheet and your existing resume.
  • ID-Link: We strategise your presentation and produce a Linkedin presence for you from the resume we have already created. The result: a compelling online advertisement for your services.
  • Cyber-ID: Your complete social media package includes the development of a Linkedin Profile and establishment of identities at the leading social media sites: Ziggs, Naymz and Twitter. We’ll even set you up on Twitter so you can follow recruiters, job search sites, human resources companies and job boards. Start “twittering” and build your band of followers too. You never know what connections you can make.

We are really excited about our solutions as they use the immediacy of technology and networking and provide a middle pricing structure for individuals with needs separate to the full-service resume development and personal branding programs. Check the details out now here


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