Cover Letter

$159.00 Includes GST

The old-fashioned cover letter has had it—OR has it? Not when special circumstance apply! Migrating? Job gaps? Busy job history? Here’s your chance to set the record straight.

The Why-Buy-ROI Cover Letter covers special circumstances for when you have an extended story to tell that the resume just can’t explain. Great for career changers, migrants, work gaps, or any other special situation where you need to build a compelling case for hire. With the crazy volumes of work handled by recruiters and decision-makers, cover letters are read less and less—and yet, interviews can be lost when a decision-maker is wondering. “The applicant lives in London, why are they applying for this job in Australia?” “What’s that two-year gap a couple of years ago?” Don’t allow decision-makers to imagine the worst or make up a scenario that doesn’t fit your circumstance. The longer-style cover letter is crucial for setting the record straight.