Resume Reengineering

$899.00 Includes GST

Transform your nearly-there resume into a polished, branded masterpiece and save big with our Resume Reengineering service.

Introducing Resume Reengineering, the cost-effective way to elevate a good resume into an extraordinary one. If you’ve DIY’d your resume or had it professionally written and are mostly satisfied but think it lacks that final touch of magic, this service is designed just for you.

  • Content Refinement: We’ll work with what you’ve got. Your existing content will be meticulously edited and proofread, ensuring every word packs a punch.
  • Visual Makeover: We’ll give your resume a facelift by implementing a clean, professional format that’s designed to catch the eye of recruiters.
  • Branding Boost: Your resume will undergo a branding transformation to ensure consistency, visual appeal, and a unified narrative.
  • Save hundreds of dollars without compromising on quality by giving your existing resume the polish and flair it needs to make you an irresistible candidate.

Limited Scope: This service does not extend to generating new content or questioning to elicit additional information not already on your resume.

Alternative Packages: Should you require new content, please consider our comprehensive packages like Priority One, Beyond Excellence, or Rapid Ascent for a fully immersive resume creation experience.