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Twitter bio ideas

twitter bio ideasToday’s jobseekers can leverage a confusing array of services and technologies—from LinkedIn and Twitter, to job boards, automatic resume distribution services and more. When used strategically as part of a larger framework, social media can help build your network, help you stand out and get the attention of recruiters looking for someone just like you.

However, if you want to be part of that, you need to understand what you’re doing, and that’s starting with your personal brand. As an over 50s jobseeker, you want to appear relevant—and using social media is definitely a start! But, like the guy who shows up to a nightclub with a comb-over, platform shoes and attracts attention doing the Hustle—there’s good attention, and then there’s bad attention.

When it comes to personal branding and your Twitter bio, everything you have to say carries weight, and with only a few words to do so, you will want to build a brand bio that is strong and engaging. I stumbled across a bio today a little like this (content changed to preserve privacy).

“Wife and mum who loves her four grandsons and is a terrific friend in need. Also a hospital administrator in her spare time! Twitter is fun!”

If we’re going to dissect this bio from a job-search perspective, to the casual observer it’s clear that her private life comes first, and her job is relegated to her spare time. Not much of an impression to make as a job seeker! As people assess bios for determining their interest to follow, in all likelihood this person is probably going to attract grandparents and seniors, rather than professionals in the hospital administration space who could help her build industry relationships.

As an example for comparison, my Twitter bio (140 characters) is this:

Multi-award-winning Resume Writer & Word Nerd. Creating knock-em-dead resumes & LinkedIn profiles so bold next-gen business leaders can score their next big gig.

Strategically, my bio wants to attract jobseekers of a certain type (next generation business leaders) who have a need (to score their next big gig) and the services I provide to get there (knock-em-dead resumes and LinkedIn profiles). An injection of humour (word nerd) is self-deprecating—offsetting the less-than-humble description (multi-award-winning).

If you are an over 50s jobseeker (or jobseeker of any age) and specifically on Twitter to get leads and build your network for the job hunt, then change your bio to attract the right audience. Formulate it by targeting the the right people and showing what you’ve got, and then continually polish it until it shines. Ensure your picture (avatar) is professional, close-up and smiling, and ensure your LinkedIn profile URL is referenced so people can check you out easily and contact you.

Let’s see yours! What is your brand bio and how have you tweaked it to represent your brand, while being clearly on target for your audience?



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