The New Way to Network for Jobs Using X (formerly Twitter)

When it comes to job searching, let’s redefine networking right away: it’s not about schmoozing or becoming a pushy salesman. Networking via X, once called Twitter, can actually be simple, straightforward, and genuinely authentic.

What You’ve Got Wrong About Networking

If you’re picturing networking as a grand, stressful affair filled with forced conversations and awkward ask-for-favours moments, it’s time for a rethink. Networking doesn’t have to be overwhelming; in fact, it can be quite manageable, especially when you use platforms like X for your job search.

From Twitter to X: How Joe Nailed Networking

Here’s an effective strategy one jobseeker, let’s call him Joe, employed using X. Knowing that most organisations maintain a presence on X to monitor public opinion, Joe did his homework. He identified and followed professionals in his targeted industry. He tuned into their conversations, shared insightful comments, and posted content that would resonate with them. Finally, he took the plunge, asking his online community, “Any contacts at @Company-Name? Keen to get insights or connect with someone who can help me explore job opportunities.”

And guess what? He didn’t just get generic responses; he actually connected with a department director. This led to phone calls, email exchanges, and even a company tour with the hiring manager.

What You Can Tweet—Err, X-Post!

On X, your posts can be diverse yet focused. Share links to articles you’ve found enlightening, or perhaps an article you’ve penned yourself. You can also link to your LinkedIn profile to give potential employers or connections a more detailed look at your professional background.

Networking: Not a Sweat-Inducing Chore

Networking on X strips away the misconceived notions that make many jobseekers anxious. It can be an authentic, low-stress process that’s far from hard or fake.

So, have you networked for a job through social media? What triumphs or stumbling blocks have you encountered?


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