How Will We Approach Our Careers in the Future?

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How will we approach our careers in the future? Imagine if by 2050 people are living until age 120, or by 2100 we're living until 150! Maybe we should rethink this historical "job for life", and instead break our careers into three or four distinct phases that work best for us at different stages of our lives. It's not an usual concept as far as lifestyles are Read More

Is my resume any good?


Every day I'm asked, "Is my resume any good? Will my resume get me an interview?" Just such an email arrived today from "John" so I took a peek. The resume was ok. Perfectly adequate. No formatting to speak of, no colour, no branding, but it was neatly presented. Nicely written. No typos. Outdated format. For some resume writing firms, this is the time to launch Read More

Am I Too Old to Get a Job?

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Many jobseekers in the executive sector are concerned about age and worry that they're too old to get a job. Take this email I received today from "Jim", excerpted here. Although youthful looking (and feeling), I’m nearly 50 and I believe I will begin to face some meaningful headwinds in many segments of my industry"  Well, I don't agree. In my experience dealing Read More

How To Find a Career That Will Make You Happy

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I'm pleased to welcome a guest writer this week, Monica Gomez. Please see her bio at the conclusion of this article. It's not surprising to hear people complain about their jobs. Many people dread going to work each day. And, while the reasons for this can be numerous, it doesn't have to be that way. According to, about 70 percent of employees hate their jobs. Read More

Telephone Interviews: Are You Prepared?

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So many first impressions are made on how a jobseeker looks. But what if the first job interview is a telephone interview? Phone interviews focus on content, not appearance, so this process can be a real boon for many who may be concerned about age discrimination or judged by the way they look. It does put a whole new focus though on what you say and how you say it, and Read More

This JobSeeker Extended His Job Search: Why?

If you don't know how, get a resume writer to write your resume

Why not use professional resume writing services? I took a call from a fellow just recently and he'd lost his job. As with most people who don't have oodles of disposable cash lying around, he wanted to get another job quickly. That made sense. What made zero sense, was that he wanted to spend as long as it would take to write the perfect resume himself. (Assuming Read More

Creating a more knowledgeable you. Job Search Tips.

Job Search Tips Do you squander rare and fabulous opportunities to get an audience with decision makers (either in a networking situation or interview) only to have your chief topics of conversation focus on you, your job search and the weather? To gain credibility, to exude experience, knowledge and intelligence you need to know what's going on in the world, your Read More