Looking for a job in one country (while living in another)


I was quoted in BBC Capital's article today. Feel free to check the article out. Meantime….. You need to be proactive Applying for a job in one country when living in another is particularly difficult. Many employers will automatically think that the application is "too hard"—the person will have to settle the family, or be sponsored by an employer (meaning a lot Read More

The Traditional Cover Letter. Is it Outdated?


Attaching a cover letter to an email is tedious for recipients. Pasting letters makes LONG emails. Concise, fact-based cover notes are key! — Gayle Howard (@GayleHoward) October 13, 2013 A recent survey by the global careers association, Career Directors International, showed 53% of hiring authority respondents believed that a cover letter wasn't necessary. Extra Read More

Sour Grapes or Justified Actions?


Interesting article in today's newspaper about Adam Ezekiel—the former Chief Technology Officer of GreenGrocer.com. To summarise, Mr Ezekiel has become increasingly suspicious about the contents of his recruiter file after repeated job applications have failed to get him the results he desires. One may say "Welcome to the real world!"—after all, there are hundreds, Read More

Background Checks and Employment

In 2009/2010 374,500 people in Australia had been "up close and personal" with the Australian justice system. It would be fair to assume that in the past three years what with the growing demand for police action on our roads, and the pressures of job lay-offs and a turbulent economy, that those figures will have increased. It is also fair to assume that many of those Read More

Sharing some exciting news

Hi Everyone I don't usually use this blog for personal things as I tend want to make it all about you and your needs. However today I received some great news that I'd love to share with you. Every year Career Directors International has an annual event called the TORI Awards -- it stands for Toast of the Resume Industry. These are awards that are judged by a panel of Read More

Phone Interviews: Get Good at Them!

So many first impressions are made on how a jobseeker looks. But what if the first job interview is a phone interview? A telephone interview has its advantages because it can focus on content, not appearance. What matters is what you say and how you say it. Phone interviews can be an advantage for jobseekers concerned about age discrimination or being judged by how they Read More

What are you prepared to do to get a job interview?

"I'd do anything to get a job interview!" "This is my dream job!" "I'm so excited. I've seen a job that fits me exactly! I must have that job!" As a professional resume writer, these three phases fill my day... everyday; they have for the past 23 years. And yet, just how motivated are you to do what needs to be done for a job you'd do anything for? For instance would Read More