Using Twitter for Job Search (without the angst)

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When  jobseekers hear the word 'networking', they envisage a time-consuming, extravaganza of events that will see them endlessly schmoozing an array of strangers; debasing themselves by asking for help, embarrassing the people they speak with by setting the expectation for quick results, and finding themselves becoming the type of fake 'salesman' they never wanted to Read More

Getting ahead in business: 7 life lessons for young people

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Recently, I was asked to think about the top seven life lessons that young people getting established in their career should know about getting ahead in business. . I came up with eight... here's what I said: . 1. Never be afraid to talk to people. If there is one thing that holds people back in their careers, it is when they take a passive approach—either to their Read More

LinkedIn Advice for Job Seekers

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Will you follow this LinkedIn Advice for job seekers? LinkedIn isn't just a service for job seekers. Get started on LinkedIn before you need to use it. A sudden and unexpected redundancy or sacking means you are constantly playing catch up. Take time to “dig your well before you’re thirsty,” as author Harvey Mackay says. Keep up the maintenance. Your LinkedIn profile Read More

Your LinkedIn Photo—You Must Get it Right

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Are you getting your Linkedin photo right? LinkedIn is the window to your next job; to the career-changing next relationship, to new opportunities and friends. Your LinkedIn photo says to the world, "This is my public face; if you hire me this is what you will see every day, and this is will be the impact I have on your team and the people around me". Frankly, a lot of Read More

Over 50s JobSeekers: personal branded Twitter bio ideas

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Twitter bio ideas Today's jobseekers can leverage a confusing array of services and technologies—from LinkedIn and Twitter, to job boards, automatic resume distribution services and more. When used strategically as part of a larger framework, social media can help build your network, help you stand out and get the attention of recruiters looking for someone just like Read More

When procrastination strikes: writing your resume

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In 2013, Tim Minchin presented to the University of Western Australia. You can see the speech here later. It's fabulous and funny but this advice, I scribbled on a note and stuck it to my screen to remind me daily. He said: So I advocate passionate dedication to the pursuit of short-term goals. Be micro-ambitious. Put your head down and work with pride on whatever is Read More

Resume words that make you cringe

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What do the words: Enthusiastic, team player, reliable, dynamic and motivated have in common? Or the phrase: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills? Answer: They're all clichés that have managed to end up on most people's resumes worldwide. And they are cringeworthy. Apart from making you sound like an over-eager puppy, the reason that these resume words Read More

Disclosing Salary to Recruiters: Yes or No

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When you've worked your way through several interviews and the employer wants you desperately and will do whatever it takes to get you, you have the upper hand in salary negotiations. This is the time when you can squeeze extra benefits, shorter performance review times, longer or larger benefits on redundancies, car/telephone/health plans and so much more. The old Read More

Survival tips: internal interviews for promotion

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Internal Interviews for Promotion: What do you say when they know you so well? Internal interviews can be tricky. You're not a shiny unknown employee, you're a person they know with baggage and imperfections. But with that, you also offer a degree of predicability and the value that comes with knowing the company, the main players and how things work. I spoke Read More

When rehearsing for a job interview backfires

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The interview has just started. Pleasantries are exchanged and the candidate—we'll call her Jill—is confident.  She's been rehearsing for a job interview like this a million times since getting the call. She's prepared. Word perfect in fact. "So! We'll get right into it," the interviewer says as he smiles at her encouragingly. "What I'd like to know first, is how Read More