Business Milestones: Achievements, Awards and More

Arguably Australia’s most innovative professional resume writing consultancies, Top Margin’s reputation in terms of expanding our professional growth through education, and developing the services we offer continues to grow — as the business milestones through the years below will confirm.

2018 Business Milestones

resume-writing-top 50 blogs on the web

January 2018: The Great Aussie ResumeCreated and launched self-service resume writing course for people wanting to write a resume for the Australian market. Called The Great Aussie Resume, the video-based course includes downloadable templates, instructions on how to write a contemporary Australian resume, and everything you need to know about refining your content. Read more here:

2016 Business Milestones

resume-writing-top 50 blogs on the web

December 2016: Listed in the Top Job Search Articles for 2016 from JobMob.

November 2016: Selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 50 Resume Writing Blogs on the web

November 2016: Acknowledged as one of the Top 27 Resume Writers of 2016 by Careertoolkit.

Spring 2016 Volume 27 Issue 3: Featured in Australian Career Practitioner—the national magazine of the Career Development Association of Australia, in “Top Ten Tips for Creating a Winning Resume” 

September 2016: Quoted in 5 Tips to get Your LinkedIn profile job-search ready by Michael Page recruiting

2015 Business Milestones

December 2015: Included in YouTern’s Top 50 Twitter Accounts Young Careerists Must Follow 2015

October 2015: Winner: Best Graduate Resume and second prize Best Accounting and Finance Resume.

September 2015: Nominated for three TORI awards: Best Executive Resume, Best Graduate Resume and Best Accounting/Finance Resume.

August 2015: Resumes featured in Resumes for Dummies 7th Edition.

June 2015: Recipient of one of eCollegeFinders’ Awards for “Best Career Blogs of 2015″ 3247

February 2015: Completed training and certification as: Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Writer

January 2015: Top 100 Blogs for Software Developers

2014 Business Milestones

November 2014: 2014 President’s Award Winner, Career Directors International. Award recognises voluntary contributions as a Director of CDI’s Certification Committee

September 2014: Recognised by CareerRocketeer as one of the Top 150 Career and Leadership Blogs for 2014

September 2014: Recognised by Your Personal Brand Name as one of the top international personal brand experts in 2014

March 2014: Awarded Certified Executive Resume Master, Career Directors International

January 2014: Recommended by YouTern as the Top 50 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers Must Follow in 2014. “Old-school advice in a no-nonsense style; the world needs that”.

2013 Business Milestones

October 2013: Interviewed and quoted in a BBC Capital article about global resume writing.

October 2013: Passed examination and training to become a Certified Tough Transitions Coach, The Academies

October, 2013: TORI Award Winner, Second Prize for Best Re-Entry Resume

September 2013: Nominated for three TORI Awards: Best Creative Resume, Best Sales Resume and Best Re-Entry Resume, Career Directors International

February, 2013: Acknowledged by LinkedIn for being in the Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles

January 10, 2013: Listed in the 100 Best Career Resources for Grads and PhDs on

January, 2013: Listed in the Top 95 People to follow on Twitter by Career Sherpa

2012 Business Milestones

December, 2012: Listed in the Top 100 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers Must Follow in 2013 by YouTern

December, 2012: 56 Best Job Search Blog Posts for 2012 for Article: Job Search: The Emotional Rollercoaster

December 19, 2012: Listed in CareerCoPilot’s “Top 101 Career Experts all Job Seekers Should Follow on Twitter

November 4, 2012: Recommended by Under30Careers as on of the “Top 60 Career Experts to Follow on Twitter”

October 5, 2012: Third Prize Winner, Best International Resume, 2012 TORI Awards, Career Directors International

August 2012: Nominee, Best Cover Letter and Best International Resume, 2012 TORI Awards, Career Directors International.

2011 Business Milestones

October 2011: Winner, Second Prize: Best Cover Letter; Third Prize Best Sales and Marketing Resume, 2011 TORI Awards, Career Directors International

September 2011: Nominated for two TORI (Toast of the Industry) Awards by Career Directors International: Best Sales and Marketing Resume and Best Cover Letter. Results announced at CDI’s Career Empowerment Summit in October 2011. CDI’s President, Laura De Carlo said: “The entries demonstrated outstanding quality, creativity, and writing skills”.

June 2011: Completed training and gained certification as a “Certified Online Networking Professional (Linkedin) from The Academies.

2010 Business Milestones

October 2010: President’s Choice Award for Career Excellence. Each year, President of Career Directors International selects the individual who has made the most significant contribution to the association and the careers community for this distinguished award.

October 2010: Passed examinations and training through the personal mentorship of Dr Lynn Joseph to become Australia’s first Certified Job Loss Recovery Coach.

October 2010: Gayle Howard successfully passed re-certification for the Master Resume Writer credential from Career Management Alliance. Graders’ Remarks: “Gayle’s documents project unique creativity, compelling marketing, strategic thinking and strong personal brand through persuasive and sophisticated writing, alluring presentation with blend of color and edgy formats. Personal branding statements were top-notch. The use of graphics/charts was exquisite. The level of care and specificity is evident. An exemplary portfolio of work.”

September 2010: Launched YouTube Channel “Resumelady”

May 2010: Gayle Howard appointed Director of the 2010 TORI Awards for Career Directors International

March 2010: Article on managing client expectations used for teaching purposes at the annual conference of The University of Iowa’s Dual Career Network

February 2010: Several articles written by Gayle Howard, have been selected for publication on job boards and related sites by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

2009 Business Milestones

October 21, 2009: Third place getter in two categories in the 2009 TORI Awards. Best New Graduate Resume and Best Creative Resume. Gayle holds the honor of being the first and only resume writer to have won TORI Awards for nine consecutive years.

August 26, 2009: Nominated for four TORI Awards. Best Executive Resume, Best Creative Resume, Best Graduate Resume and Best Technical Resume. Awards will be announced during Career Directors International’s annual conference in October 2009.

April 4, 2009: Top Margin is proud to announce our newest strategic alliance with Digital Career Services “Win the View“–a solution that prepares and educates senior level and on-the-rise jobseekers win interviews and build reputations through a start-of-the-art, online presentation tool. The President and CEO of DCS, Ken Diamond, explains this easy-to-use and effective tool. “WinTheView allows jobseekers to formulate a very comprehensive, impressive and and strategic presentation that demonstrates past accomplishments, focuses on strengths, and provides the company interviewing with an insight of how the jobseeker will hit the ground running through the establishment of a 30 to 90 day plan. The high level of preparation and quality presentation can dramatically improve interview performances and increase a candidate’s chance for getting the job. We are thrilled that Gayle Howard of Top Margin is again showing the pioneering spirit that she and her company are known for, as she becomes the first in Australia to offer our groundbreaking service to the Australian public.

March 10, 2009: Place-winner in World’s Best Resume Competition sponsored by Career Directors International. Won second place from the Public Vote and third place from the professional industry vote.

January 31, 2009: Gayle Howard today announced a new partnership with career industry pioneer, Jason Alba of JibberJobber fame. Jason’s innovative personal networking site is a trailblazer in helping jobseekers create a personalised relationship management hub to log all information about contacts, jobs, and followup regimes to create a powerful centre of influence; not just for the job search but to extend throughout an entire career.

January 13, 2009: Gayle Howard successfully completed re-certification requirements for administering 360 Reach Version 4 — the next generation 360 Reach tool, helping clients to incorporate strengths, competencies, and personas into their professional careers and to measure professional reputation. Gayle is one of only four professionals in Australia qualified to coach clients with this tool.

2008 Business Milestones

October 22, 2008: TORI Winners Announced at Career Directors International Conference in Seattle USA. Gayle Howard was awarded Master Career Director Lifetime Achievement Award, 2nd Place for Best Career Re-entry Resume and 3rd Place in the Best Technical Resume category. Gayle holds the honor of being the first and only resume writer to have won TORI Awards for eight consecutive years.

September 24, 2008: Gayle produces required portfolio and assessed essay to become a Certified IT Resume Specialist with Career Directors International. 

August 10, 2008: Gayle passes final assessment and becomes a Certified Reach Branding Strategist after intensive training over several months.

July 23, 2008: Gayle nominated for three TORI awards from Career Directors International. Nominated for Best Technical Resume, Best Military Resume, Best Career Re-entry Resume

June 6, 2008: Gayle secures qualification as a 360 Reach Certified Analyst trained in performing detailed analysis of feedback delivered via the 360° Reach Personal Brand Assessment System. Gayle now has the training to deliver insightful and actionable reports and coaching to clients on how to use this information to advance their careers or businesses.

April 22, 2008: Gayle adds another credential to her impressive tally with the designation of the Master Resume Writer credential from Career Management Alliance. In her acceptance letter, the Credentialing Master stated: You have earned your place among the World’s best resume writers. Each submission in your portfolio is beautifully and strategically tailored to your client’s objective and industry. Moreover, each presentation is formatted in a distinctive and sophisticated way. Your attention to delivering both outstanding content and visual appeal is evident”.

March 17, 2008: Gayle’s “Certified Career Manager” designation has been successfully renewed. The Credentialing Master of the Career Management Alliance stated “I am impressed with the diversity of professional contributions demonstrated in your portfolio. Congratulations – you continue to demonstrate the full range of industry acumen and commitment required to maintain your status as a CCM.”

February 19, 2008: Indianapolis USA. Three of Gayle’s resume samples will be featured in JIST works soon-to-be published book, Expert Resumes for Engineering Professionals by Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow. Gayle Howard is now published in 22 books worldwide.

January 25, 2008: Florida USA. A selection of Gayle’s anecdotes and advice will soon be featured in the new Career Press book: Job Search Bloopers: Every Mistake You Can Make on the Road to Career Suicide…and How to Avoid Them by Laura DeCarlo and Susan Guarneri, due for international release in August 2008. Available for pre-order now at and

January 13, 2008: Adelaide, South Australia. Gayle’s book, PS…You Need a Resume! has been picked up by Inkstone Publishing for exclusive distribution in Australia, New Zealand and Asia including the all-important market in China. Launch is due in Asia sometime in May with Australia and New Zealand following.

2007 Business Milestones

October 23, 2007: Winner Two Awards: Master Resume Writer Lifetime Achievement Award, TORI Award. SAN ANTONIO, Texas USA. The Master Resume Writer Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Gayle acknowledging 18 years commitment to the careers industry. Gayle also won the 2007 TORI Award for Best Resume for Career Re-entry.

July 16, 2007: Gayle Howard Releases New Book. Gayle Howard released her new book: PS…You’re a Resume Expert, a step-by-step guide for independent resume writers.

July 11, 2007: New Course Launched for Professional Resume Writers. Career Directors International in conjunction with Gayle Howard announced the launch of Gayle’s new e-course for professional writers (or aspiring professional resume writers). PS….You’re a Resume Expert: Resume Mastery for Professional Writers. For more information visit

June 28, 2007: TORI Award Nominees Announced. Gayle Howard won six nominations out of eight categories for this year’s TORI awards. Nominations were for: Best Executive Resume, Best International Resume, Best Professional Resume, New Graduate Resume, Best Career Reentry Resume and Best Creative Resume.

2006 Business Milestones

November 11, 2006: Gayle’s work selected to feature in new book “Expert Resumes for Baby Boomers published by Jist Publishing.

October 24, 2006: Gayle awarded 2 coveted TORI Awards at gala presentation in Florida USA at the Career Directors International annual conference. Top Prizes won for Best International Resume and Best Graduate Resume

May 2006: Gayle nominated for four TORI awards by Career Directors International “Toast of the Resume Industry Competition”. Nominated for Best International Resume, Best New Graduate Resume, Best Technical Resume, and Best Professional Resume.

April 11, 2006: Gayle Howard awarded international certification as a Master Career Director by Career Directors International.

February 2006: Gayle’s work accepted for publication in book “No-Nonsense Resumes That Get Interviews and Job Offers”.

2005 Business Milestones

April 22, 2005: Gayle awarded Certified Master Resume Specialist by Association of Online Resume and Career Professionals.

April 22, 2005: Gayle awarded designation of Certified Web Portfolio Practitioner by Career Directors International.

March 9, 2005: Gayle wins three awards in Career Directors International’s TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry Awards) at the annual conference in Las Vegas.

January 15, 2005: Gayle Howard scores five nominations and topped the nominee tally in Career Directors International’s TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) awards. Nominations were for: Best Executive Resume, Best International Resume, Best Professional Resume, Best Technical Resume and Best Graduate Resume.

2004 Business Milestones

Top Margin Scores 96.40% for Customer Satisfaction in the annual Australian Achiever Awards

December 11, 2004: Gayle Howard’s resumes have been selected for publication in book “Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs—Second Edition.

July 9, 2004: Gayle’s resume samples have been selected for publication in new book “Best Resumes for College Graduates to Land $75,000+ Jobs”.

March 24, 2005: Gayle dominates the TORI Award competition by winning four awards from ten categories: Best Executive Resume, Best International Resume, Best Military Career-Transition Resume and Best Graduate Resume.

February 2, 2004: Published Again! Gayle’s cover letters and resumes have been selected for publication in David Noble’s new book “Gallery of Best Cover Letters for People Without a Four-Year Degree”.

January 26, 2004: Gayle tops nominations for the TORI Awards winning an astounding nine TORI award nominations for the annual awards in the following categories: Best Cover Letter, Best Military Conversion Resume, Best Web Portfolio, Best Technical Resume, Best Career Changer Resume, Best Executive Resume, Best Re-entry to the Workforce Resume, Best International Resume, and Best New Graduate Resume.

2003 Business Milestones

November 20, 2003: Gayle Howard was announced as the winner of the Australian Achiever Awards 2003 for excellence in customer service in the Office Services category, achieving an outstanding result of 99.79%.

18th November 2003: David Noble, author and industry “guru” has selected cover letters by Gayle Howard for inclusion in the updated edition of Gallery of Best Cover Letters.

August 22, 2003: David Noble, author and industry “guru” has selected resume documents by Gayle for inclusion in the phenomenally successful Gallery of Best Resumes, now in its third edition.

July 28, 2003: In the News! Check out the August edition of Men’s Health Magazine (Page 110) for an excellent careers article featuring Gayle Howard’s thoughts on “Rescuing Your Resume.”

July 23 2003: US-based JIST Publications announced today that Mike Farr’s latest book “Same Day Resume”, will feature a number of samples of Gayle Howard’s best work.

June 14, 2003: Gayle Howard has taken up the dual role of International Resume Expert and Virtual Business Officer for the newly formed AORCP (Association of Online Resume and Career Professionals).

May 23, 2003: Gayle Howard awarded international certification as a Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW) by Career Directors International.

May 21, 2003: Gayle Howard resumes accepted in the soon to bepublished “Expert Resumes for Healthcare Careers.” From over 400 samples submitted for publication, only 100 were chosen, placing Gayle’s work in the top echelons of writers.

Featured in: “The Lilydale Journal.” Look out for Gayle Howard featured in the Lilydale Journal in March 2003 under the banner “A Way With Words”.

March 9, 2003: Gayle Howard was again honored by her peers at the 2002 TORI Awards presentation winning: Best Graduate Resume, Best Re-entry to the Workforce Resume and Best International Resume.

February 1, 2003: Gayle Howard Tops TORI Award Nominations! Nominated for an astounding 9 TORI award nominations for PRWRA’s TORI awards for Best Executive Resume, Best International Resume, Best New Graduate Resume, Best Career Changer Resume, Best Creative Resume, Best Re-Entry into the Workforce Resume, Best Military Resume, Best Technical Resume, and Best Cover Letter.

January 4, 2003: Gayle Howard today announced an alliance with career industry pioneer, Annemarie Cross. Annemarie, personally trained by world-renowned career guru Jay Block, is Australia’s first Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) and will contribute her coaching expertise to steer Top Margin’s clients across the minefields of interview traps and challenges.

2002 Business Milestones

December 13, 2002:Gayle Howard’s resume samples have been accepted for inclusion in the forthcoming JIST publication, “Expert Resumes for Managers and Executives.”

October 29, 2002: 17 of Gayle’s resumes have been selected for inclusion in ResumeMaker® Deluxe 10.0, published by Individual Software.

April 28 2002: Gayle Howard accepted as a featured contributor to a new careers book—”Best College Resumes: Jump-Start Your Career.”

March 3 2002: Gayle Howard has been honored for the second consecutive year with three Awards in PRWRA’s Annual Resume Writing Awards 2001. Won: 1st Prize for Best Format, 1st Prize Best Chronological Resume and 2nd Prize Most Creative Resume.

February 2002: Gayle Howard has announced the completion of her new book entitled “PS…You Need a Resume”.

January 2002: Gayle Howard, has been awarded the prestigious CCM (Credentialed Career Master) designation by the Career Masters Institute – the first in Australia to do so.

2001 Business Milestones

August 2001:Top Margin has launched DISC Profiles an easy to understand online behavioral profiling system, that brings information to the desktop.

July 28 2001: Gayle Howard has been awarded a second international certification as a Certified Resume Writer (CRW) by the Professional Resume Writing and Research Association (PRWRA).

July 24, 2001: Gayle Howard has had her resume samples published in the JIST Career Book entitled “Expert Resumes for Manufacturing Professionals” by Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark.

Melbourne June 15, 2001: Gayle Howard has been named a member of the Certification Team for the Professional Resume Writing & Research Association.

Mar 11, 2001: Gayle Howard has been published internationally with inclusion of her resumes in the new book, “Expert Resumes for Education Professionals” by J.I.S.T. Works, Inc.

Feb. 6, 2001: Gayle Howard has been awarded multiple prizes in the Annual Resume Awards 2000 by the Professional Resume Writing & Research Association in the United States of America. Awarded: 1st Prize “Best Resume” section, 1st Prize in “Best Resume Content”, 2nd Prize in “Most Creative Resume”, and 3rd Prize in “Best Resume Writing Format”.

Jan 12, 2001: Resumes created by Gayle Howard have been featured in Expert Resumes for Computer & Web Jobs.

2000 Business Milestones

June, 2000: Gayle Howard has successfully completed testing for Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) status issued by the Professional Association of Resume Writers headquartered in St Petersburg, FL.

October 29, 2000: Gayle Howard has been appointed International Australian Representative for the PRWRA (Professional Resume Writing & Research Association) headquartered in Texas.

Nov 9, 2000: Gayle Howard is pleased to announce her affiliation as a member of the Career Masters Institute™.